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Chief Asks If You Are Willing To Pay The Price Of Success


The price of success is not steep, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication according to Chief. In session 16 of the Chief Insta Live videos, our very own Chief Pathman Senathirajah talks about what it means to pay the price in order to reap the benefits of your efforts in direct selling. Read on to find out the highlights of Chief’s session on the price of success.

You Are Like A Bumblebee

Chief talks about the mind-blowing miracle that is the bumblebee – an insect that is so non-descript but so essential to the existence of humanity. Based on its size, and the size of its wings, you would assume that it cannot fly. And yet, it flies and keeps the planet alive without even realising it. If all the bees in the world were to disappear, so would life. The bumblebee doesn’t listen to people who tell it that it can’t fly, instead, it does what it’s meant to do. It defies logic and yet it thrives.

In the same way, you as a direct seller are a bumblebee. Your potential is limitless. You are meant to be a QNET success story, and a max out king and queen. This is your purpose. The only difference is that because you understand language, you tend to listen to people telling you that you can’t do it. Chief’s advice is to not listen to such negativity and to not let it affect your belief system. Keep going just as the bumblebee does, and your success is assured.

Pay The Price Of Success

Direct selling is all about leadership by example. And so, it is important to set those goals and to do your best to pay that price of success. Avoid your comfort zone, and keep challenging yourself to new goals and milestones. “Don’t listen to the world. Listen to your belief system. And you will rock it. All you need to do is create your own benchmarks,” says Chief. When you sign up for QNET, there isn’t a contract that tells you how many hours you have to work or how much input you need to put in. This varies from person to person and fully depends on your hunger for success.  The price of success comes with a sense of accountability, responsibility, gratefulness, and a supreme sense of knowing that you have done your absolute best. It means that sometimes you have to sacrifice your comfort zone, but at the end of the road, you will be able to look back in pride over what you have accomplished.

Paying the price of success, according to Chief, is not just about you making money. It’s also about the fact that in your direct selling journey, you also help others make money. You create awareness around you, you make your community a much better place, and you practice RYTHM while you’re at it.

Chief, who always speaks from his own personal experiences in direct selling, mentioned how he had to pay the price for his success as well. “I have no regrets about whatever I had to sacrifice the past 22 years of my life because of what I can do now – this feeling of waking up every morning and never having to worry about what I can do or cannot do. This freedom is not only about the money, it’s about how you choose to live. And that is why I keep doing what I’m doing right now. Enjoy this journey. Enjoy the ride, smile, and don’t miss anything. Pay the price with joy, with a smile on your face, because I’m telling you, it’s worth it.”

You can view the full Chief Insta Live Session 16 below:


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