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Are You An Entrepreneur At Heart? Take Our Quiz To Find Out

Are you an entrepreneur at heart quiz by qnet

Any successful business person will admit freely that they were an entrepreneur at heart ever since they could remember. Some say you are born with the right traits for business. Others say they’ve had to build, nurture and grow the right traits to succeed at business. Take our quiz and find out if you are an entrepreneur at heart, and if you have what it takes to be a direct selling success story.

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The Questions

1) Are You Resilient?

You are a person who recognises setbacks as a stepping stone to be innovative. You don’t give up. Instead, you learn from your mistakes, you adapt, and you keep moving forward towards your goals. You don’t give up when you hear ‘no’. Whatever the roadblocks, you never give up and you keep on trying to find success. Is this you?

2) Do You See Everything As An Opportunity?

New normal or old, you are the kind of person who is looking for business opportunities whatever the situation. You have strong ideas and are always on the lookout to change people’s lives. You are constantly thinking of how to get people’s buy into projects you are very passionate about. You cannot resist the urge to team up to work together towards a common goal. Whether you’re at home, on vacation or at work, you’re always thinking of how to carry forward your direct selling journey. Does this sound like you?

3) Are You Passionate?

Whatever your earthly distractions, you will drop it in favour of your passion once you find it. You’ll even pause a video game mid-play or stop binge-watching your favourite Netflix show for it. You have a strong sense of purpose, and your passion makes you happy. It adds a skip to your step every time you think of it. If direct selling is your driving force, then you throw your heart and soul into it without excuse. Can you relate?

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4) Are You Adaptable?

You are used to constantly evolving, and so change is not something that holds you back. You make do with whatever resources you have. Your schedule, like your way of doing things, is always flexible. You have a strong foundation and are rooted strongly, and so whatever disturbances to routine, you adapt to easily. Sound like you?

5) Are You Confident In Yourself?

You have a strong sense of self whether you are posting an inspirational message on Instagram or doing Presentación or just having a conversation with a friend. You feel like you are an entrepreneur at heart and are not shy to be that person fully. You are self-confident and know exactly who you are. You have strong values and people can rely on you even in tough times. When you lose your sense of self, you take a breath, and then you bounce back. Is this what you see in the mirror?

6) Do You Want To Change Lives?

You cannot sit quietly when you see injustice in the world. Among your friends and family, you have a reputation of being the one they can turn to in times of need. You have a special place in your heart for people and communities that are less privileged than you. You go out of your way to help them in any way you can – whether with money, goods or even just giving them your time. You are a philanthropist at heart. Do you feel this RYTHM?

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The Quiz! 

Take the “Are you an entrepreneur at heart?” quiz by QNET and see what scores you get!

So, what did you find out after taking our skills? What was your score? What characteristics did you identify that you are now going to work on? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Thanks to the founder of this great company may God bless you and your family and live long more than you wish

  2. Muito obrigado chief estava precisando ouvir essas palavras, porque as vezes me sinto impaciente depois de receber respostas negativas de alguns amigos e familiares…
    Até agora ainda não consegui os meus parceiros de trabalho, já me apresentei várias pessoas e recebi muitos “não” até o meu pai …

    Muito obrigado hoje me sinto bem e muito motivado, e não vou desistir nunca …

    A minha Razão forte de fazer parte dessa Qnet é de salvar a minha terra Guiné Bissau da pobreza ” ajudando os pobres e os mais carenciadas)… “Quintino Augustu bucal junior


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