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Platinum Star Asma Abid On Her QNET Journey

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Asma Abid, one of QNET’s new Platinum Stars and a member of the prestigious QNET Achievers Club, is a prime example of someone who overcame many adversities to find success.  She was able to overcome them through perseverance and a firm belief in her dreams, and is a role model for all IRs trying to find success in direct selling. We interviewed Asma about her QNET journey, and also asked her to delve into the way she dealt with the obstacles along the way.

Life Before QNET

Currently settled happily in Dubai, Asma Abid was born in Kerala India, and has been with QNET for the past four years. Her road to becoming a Platinum Star, however, was not one without many tribulations as she shared with us in this interview. Asma Abid had been unemployed for a long time before joining QNET and was also terribly afraid of attending interviews. Having once been doubtful of the genuine prospects of the company, it took her husband taking her on a vacation through the QVI Club to convince Asma to learn more about the products and the direct selling industry itself. She had already been signed up through her husband but was not convinced until she experienced first-hand the opportunities which QNET were able to grant her and her family.

Prior to meeting Associate V Partner Nasib through her husband, Asma was doubtful about the industry at first but got quickly convinced after a few conversations with him. He taught her that the QNET business opportunity was all about helping people by selling life-enhancing products and building relationships that foster growth.

The QNET Journey Of Platinum Star Asma Abid

Asma was an inactive independent representative for roughly 3 weeks before she began to take the business seriously. From there, she quickly signed up her best friend along with her husband and earned her first cheque within a week. Since then, Asma has not missed one cheque to date.

She admitted however that trying to educate people on the business was one of the toughest challenges she faced. “I’ve had my doubts about the industry, and I was very open about it with my friends. Once I got into the business, it took me a while to change their minds from what I have previously shared. I didn’t get any rejections before my first sale as my first partners were my best friends and family. I received many rejections when it came to my acquaintances. However, when they saw my growth, almost every one of them came back to me enquiring about the business opportunity within the year.”

On Rejection And Finding Support

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Asma explained that she taught herself rejection is not long term and just an inevitable part of every business. She believes that the key is to remain positive even during adversity. She felt like giving up a number of times but did not allow failure to faze her. “I’m a person with a lot of dreams and I really want to help a lot of people, but without money in my pocket, I can’t help people. I will never give up because I know where I want to go and what to do to achieve my dreams. There are a lot of people counting on me and who put their trust in me so giving up is never an option.”

A huge support during tough times was her husband, who also happened to be her upline. During challenging times, he was always present to provide emotional support and help her in overcoming these obstacles. Asma also cites Chief’s videos as a primary source of motivation. His videos every Wednesday have helped her grow as a person and she consistently recommends these to those in her network.

On Becoming a QNET Achiever

Asma believes that discipline and having a solid understanding of the requirements are most important to becoming a QNET achiever. She advises those aspiring to become achievers to never give up regardless of the situation but rather look for the lesson in each of them. “The Achievers’ Club helps me grow, and striving to achieve higher ranks encouraged me to push myself. Another reason I joined the Achievers Club was to travel and learn from other achievers. I know there are a lot of Achievers who are at the top, who follow RYTHM’s philosophy. These people have already reached their financial goals but they still stay with the business, because it’s not all about the money, it’s about the genuine connection and care for people.”

We know that our very own Platinum Star and QNET Achiever Asma Abid is going to smash every goal she sets for herself. As she continues achieving milestone after milestone, join us in cheering her on. What lessons have you learnt from this interview? Do you have a similar journey? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. I have really learn a lesson from her life story very very inspiring
    I will never give up in life

  2. Unbelievable, truly inspiring, how a doubtful person about this industry and QNET can change, transform and become a true networker. The lesson I Learned from the journey of platinum star Asma is that anyone can change and become successful in QNET and direct selling.
    Thank you QNET

  3. I am blessed that i met Abid anna and Asma akka personally ,great human beings ,entrepreneurs and huge inspiration…

  4. She is a perfect inspiration to each and every down lines . I’ve personally met her once in a event , she is very kind person .
    I’ve felt like that she is altruistic that’s the best thing one can grow in a business .😇


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