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QNET Hong Kong Delivers Happiness During Lunar New Year

This Lunar New Year, QNET Hong Kong decided to practice RYTHM through the donation of “blessing bags” as gifts to elderly care homes around Hong Kong. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, visitation to care homes has been vastly restricted, meaning most of the elderly were left to spend this time of year without their loved ones around.

QNET Hong Kong, with the help of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, decided to uplift the spirits of the elderly through the distribution of blessing bags containing a variety of useful presents. These were brought in personally from the homes of QNET Hong Kong’s staff, who prepared a series of gifts including tissues, socks, scarves, towels and individually packed cakes.

Lunar New Year 2021 RYTHM Activities By QNET Hong Kong 3

The intention behind the activity was to show love and care to those less fortunate, whilst also helping the environment through upcycled presents – an overall perfect display of RYTHM in all aspects. A total of 62 participants, all from the Hong Kong office, came together to prepare each of the blessing bags. They were then delivered to the Haven of Hope elderly home on the same day. The care home reported that the residents were extremely pleased to receive so many gifts and sent their gratitude to the QNET on behalf of the establishment.

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QNET Staff Maggie Kung expressed her pleasure to have taken part in such an initiative. “I am very pleased to have taken part in this for the RYTHM Foundation. Since no visitors or relatives were allowed to visit the elderly house during this pandemic period, I hope the elderly can receive our blessings and feel warm this Lunar New Year thanks to our gifts. May all the elderly be blessed with good health.”

Kitty Tsoi, another QNET Hong Kong staff member, spoke of her appreciation of the experience and hopes that QNET will take part in this type of activity again in the future. “It was a meaningful activity to show our love and care through our self-packed gifts to the elderly. This was more needed than ever this Lunar New Year due to the pandemic situation.  Sharing our warmth to the elderly is precious, and when I saw them receive our gift their faces were filled with happiness and contentment. I wish to have the opportunity to share our happiness with them in the near future.”

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It was an honour for the QNET Hong Kong office to participate in this activity, and be able to share happiness and warmth during the Lunar New Year period with the elderly who would otherwise have been deprived of such feelings. Making a positive difference to society is what RYTHM and QNET is about, and the donation of the blessing bags truly encapsulated it.


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