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Diamond Star VC Mohanad Al Jaraki And His Road To Success

Mohanad Adnan Al Jaraki QNET Diamond Star

Diamond Star and V Council Member (VC) Mohanad Al Jaraki broke away from of a typically mundane life to become a highly successful member of the QNET Achievers’ Club today. In this interview, we sat down with Mohanad to talk about his life before QNET, his current position and mindset, and dug deeper into his thoughts on becoming a QNET success story.

Life Before QNET

Before QNET, VC Mohanad worked a series of jobs but saw little in terms of financial gain He described himself as a hardworking person even before joining QNET. He was just working to pay off his debts. Despite trying his very best, he could not see much financial and personal growth for himself in the long run. VC Mohanad was working simply to survive, rather than progress onto better things.

The QNET Journey

Thanks to a phone call with his nephew, Diamond Star VC Mohanad Al Jaraki was introduced to the business model offered by QNET. He saw this as a vital opportunity to better his life through finally achieving financial freedom. VC Mohanad remembers how he joined QNET, “I decided to join QNET to change my life from a life of misery and disappointment to a great life whereby dreams can come true. And that’s what really happened, my dreams came true.”

It took just 21 days for VC Mohanad to earn his first cheque with QNET. From then, he started to earn regular cheques that prompted his full-time commitment to QNET. When asked how QNET has changed him, Diamond Star VC Mohanad describes the way in which he has vastly improved both financially and also as a person since joining QNET.

“QNET changed and developed my attitude, my behaviour, and also helped me to learn the leadership skills so that I can lead and guide my team to success.” His next main goal is to help push each of his team members towards achieving Sapphire, Platinum and Diamond ranks in the QNET Achievers’ Club. On a personal note, his ultimate aim is to become a Blue Diamond Achiever himself.

VC Mohanad Al Jaraki On Becoming A QNET Achiever

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Diamond Star VC Mohanad believes the key traits to becoming an Achiever lies within a person’s discipline and commitment. “An Achiever is someone who has a burning desire to achieve his goals. It is also a person who works extremely hard and loves his dream, while also having a clear vision. Most importantly, an Achiever works constantly on self-development, and following the principles of leadership.

VC Mohanad’s personal advice for those wanting to qualify for the Achievers Club is to have that burning desire, and to raise their bar higher on a regular basis while following the system. He believes that aside from a higher income, one should aim to become an Achiever because of their ambition to reach and stay at the top. He believes that they should look to motivate team their members while increasing their own self confidence at the same time.

A big thank you to Diamond Star VC Mohanad Al Jaraki who has helped share his insights into finding success in QNET, and has been a role model to his QNET IR family. He has laid out the perfect blueprint to follow for those who are unhappy with their current lifestyles, jobs, or income. Join us in congratulating him on his big successes in the comments below.


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