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6 Simple And Holistic Ways To Manage Stress

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we have curated simple ways to manage stress when you’re feeling out of control or overwhelmed. Sometimes, stress can be helpful or motivating, but if you are finding it hard to cope, this list of holistic ways to manage stress will help.

Understanding Stress

Most people say they’re “feeling stressed” if there is a lot of pressure but you feel out of control. When you feel pressure at work, face difficulties with relationships, are constantly worried about finances or even your health, your body releases hormones like adrenaline or cortisol to deal with it. Even if there is no obvious reason, you can identify the feeling of stress through physical symptoms like increased heartbeat or sweating. Finding natural ways to relieve this stress will help you in the long run.

How To Manage Stress

The simplest way to manage stress is to take back control of your situation, build emotional strength, nurture your relationships, and find a way to turn negatives to positives. Here are a few ways to do that.

1) Move Your Body

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Stay active in a way that brings you joy. Take some time to dance to your favourite song, join in a game of street cricket or do a push up challenge with a friend. Staying active will reduce the intensity of the stress that you are feeling, and will make you feel more confident in your body, which in turn promotes a feeling of well-being.

2) Take Back Control

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Make a list of things that you can do to change your situation, and start tackling them one by one Regain control of your day with some easy-to-follow time-management tips. The best way to feel less stressed out is to feel like you’re doing something.

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3) Redefine Your Power

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4) Treat Yourself Regularly

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Retail therapy is a genuine source of joy for a lot of people. You know that product you always wanted to buy for yourself? Now is the perfect time for it! Feel like having a nap mid-day? Go for it! Craving a nice hot cup of cha? Allow yourself to indulge in the little things. Light your favourite candle, wear your most glamourous outfit, take your time to make a dish from scratch that you’ve always wanted to try, pick up a hobby or watch your favourite videos. Treat yourself!

5) Connect With Your Friends

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Lean on your support system when you are feeling overwhelmed. Talk to your mentor about your worries, take your mind off things by socializing with your friends, spend some quality time with your family. Add in some guaranteed laugh out loud moments to your busy schedule. Having a genuine connection with someone will alleviate stress and help you relax.

6) Help Others

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There is science to back up the fact that helping others by giving back to society is a good way to keep things in perspective. Take every opportunity you get to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. Whether you volunteer your time with some community work or even do something simple as helping someone cross the road, helping someone will relieve your feeling of helplessness and stress.


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