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Essential Direct Selling Tips From Friends: The Reunion


Looking for tips from Friends, the iconic TV show we all know and love? There was so much to learn from Friends: The Reunion, the most highly-anticipated TV event of the year so far. Not only was it full of nostalgia, tears and memories, it was also full of lessons you could adopt to make you more successful in direct selling. Here, we’ve broken down the most important tips from Friends: The Reunion into easy-to-follow steps.

Have A Clear Goal

When the makers of Friends thought about making the show, they were very clear on what story they wanted to tell. Instead of jumping headfirst into your list of tasks in direct selling, think first about the big picture. Ask yourself the right questions – “what is my goal?”, “does this task help me reach my dreams?”

Build Your Brand On Emotion

Friends is known for it’s strong emotional core. Whatever your age, gender, race, you have some connection to a show that was first made in 1994. The Reunion episode proved that what worked for the show was that it captured the hearts, minds, imaginations of millions of people worldwide and it dared people to dream. For success in direct selling, you need to paint a picture of the emotional gains you get from being part of such an amazing legacy such as QNET. Show off the emotional benefits of direct selling – colleagues like family, sense of achievement, and so much more.

Pick The Right People For Your Vision

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Just like you couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe, your team should be handpicked by you so that you get the best chance at reaching your ultimate goals. If you feel the need to micromanage your team or feel like you’re not on the same boat, spend some time getting everyone to the same page.

Be Flexible And Have Fun

One of the most important direct selling tips from Friends: The Reunion is that you need to learn to improvise and have fun. In the reunion, we found out that there were live audiences on some of the shootings of the show. During these times, they had to go off script and improvise. Some of the most memorable moments in Friends comes from them just being themselves, adapting, being flexible, and simply having fun. In your QNET journey, it’s important to remember not to take yourself too seriously, and enjoy the process to its fullest.

Bring Younger People Into Your Family

The reunion episode was a hit of nostalgia to the original viewers. But it also brought in a younger, fresher audience to the mix. They introduced world famous Friends fans like BTS, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and even the icon Malala Yousafzai. With your direct selling journey, you need to remember the same from time to time. Reintroduce QNET to the next generation, show them the magic that first brought you to this opportunity.


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