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The Best Songs For Direct Sellers From 2021 (So Far)


If you’re looking for songs for direct sellers that will uplift, motivate and inspire you, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled the top songs for our rockstar Distributors that will help you break your day-to-day monotony, and offer you a moment of self-care, reflection or even just pure joy. Here are some of our favourite songs for direct sellers released this year so far.

Butter BTS (방탄소년단)

Recorded by K-Pop heartthrobs BTS, this song is a real bop that you can’t help but dance to. While it was only released in May, it has been creating buzz all over the internet as the song of the summer.

We Are The People – Martin Garrix feat. Bono

This official UEFA EURO 2020 Song captures a feeling of hope and nostalgia all at once. With it’s catchy repeating lyric of “We are the people we’ve been waiting for”, this song is perfect for people looking for a quick motivational boost on our direct selling journey.

Levitating – Dua Lipa Featuring DaBaby

If you’re looking for a pep talk in the form of a song, Levitating is it. It will pump you up before your next Presentacion with its positive affirmations that will help you feel like the rockstar that you are. This is one of the songs for direct sellers that will help you believe in yourself

Freedom – Jon Batiste

After the year and a half that we have all been through due to Covid-19, this song seems like the perfect anthem for going back to normal life. If you feel like dressing up, dancing, and celebrating seeing your favourite people in person again, this song is for you.

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Enjoy Enjaami – Dhee ft. Arivu

This Tamil song is a fast favourite in 2021 with an upbeat sound and lyrics that make you feel lucky to be alive. The song talks about all the beautiful things of life – birdsong, fertile lands, smiling family members. And then talks about how all of it comes together as one team to make life truly magical. Whether you speak Tamil or not, this is truly a song you can enjoy.

Electric – Katy Perry

The latest Katy Perry song mixes our childhood favourite Pokémon (Pikachu) with life lessons for direct sellers and self-employed entrepreneurs. “If you believe it, there’s no reason this life can’t be electric” is just the mantra you need to go out there and smash your weekly goals!

Which of these songs for direct sellers did you enjoy listening to? Which one would you pick as your theme song? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to share with your QNET friends and family.


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