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Common Direct Selling Myths Debunked

Direct Selling Myths Vs Direct Selling Facts

Direct selling myths are a dime a dozen. Yet, no work-from-home option has been more demonised than direct sales. It is either misunderstood as a get-rich-quick scheme or, worse – a scam or a pyramid scheme. In this article, we debunk some of the most common direct selling myths and bring you just the raw facts about why QNET is the perfect opportunity for you.

Myth: Direct Selling Is Outdated
Fact: QNET Is Driven By Innovation

Many people are still under the misconception that direct sales involve home-based parties with overpriced and outdated products that are of no practical use in real life. QNET is one of the few Asian direct selling companies to have made inroads into several new and emerging markets worldwide. Since we first started 23 years ago, QNET has been ahead of the curve. When QNET first started, we merged the thriving concept of direct selling with the relatively new concept of e-commerce, disrupting traditional direct selling once and for all.

QNET CEO Malou Caluza says, “When I first started with QNET, we were just a small group of people. Yet, everyone was involved in everything. I saw how dedicated the Founders were to the business, employees and our customers. They were involved in everything – from presenting the business, handling the customers to managing inventory to packing our products. Seeing them like that made a big impression on me, and that’s where I learnt the true meaning of service.”

Another thing that sets us apart is that we tapped into micro-entrepreneurship as a way to make money. The gig economy is now popular thanks to tech companies, but direct selling is the original gig economy. In a post-pandemic world, micro-entrepreneurship is on the rise as traditional forms of employment continue to dry up. QNET stands out because we’ve been advocating for this lifestyle for over two decades., before it was cool.

Microsoft Website Features Incredible QNET Digital Transformation

Myth: Direct Selling Products Are Useless
Fact: QNET Products Enhance Your Life

One of the biggest direct selling myths is that the products are just namesake items to cover for a pyramid scheme. In reality, you can tell a good direct selling company from the quality of their products and how valuable that product is to you in your day-to-day life. QNET is also the only direct selling company in the world to offer luxury Swiss timepieces.

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V Partner Arun George has this to say about the QNET Opportunity and QNET Products, “I got involved with direct selling at the age of 23, just a couple of years after graduating from college. QNET is the first and only direct selling company I have done business with. I was looking for better career opportunities and saw QNET’s list of great quality products. I could not see any downside to them, so I decided to get started with them. I decided to give it my best for at least for the first year. Today, 20 years later, I have a global team that is thriving in 40 different countries, and I’ve been able to give my children the best opportunities for success.”

Today, QNET sells a wide range of products from wellness to technology, holidays to health, watches and jewellery. “Our distributors sit in different parts of the globe, and we want to offer a diverse portfolio of products that suit every demographic. We work with international vendors to design unique, high-quality, and advanced technology items that can only be found in QNET. Our homecare products are my personal favourites. I am a cancer survivor, so it is imperative to me to use products in my home that will keep my family and me safe and healthy,” said QNET CEO Malou Caluza.

Myth: Direct Selling Companies Are Not Legit
Fact: QNET Has Several High-Profile Memberships And Partnerships

Another big direct selling myth is that direct selling is an unregulated business, and therefore a scam. QNET is not only a member of the Direct Selling Association and their several local branches, but we are also deeply dedicated to ethical marketing, as you can see through our commitment to #QNETPRO. We are also the Manchester City Football Club partners, the current reigning champions of the English Premier League. We are also the official sponsors of the Confederation of African Football, Malaysian Hockey Confederation, Petaling Jaya City Football Club, and Formula 3 Racer Chethan Korada.


Here’s Why Direct Selling Is NOT A Pyramid Scheme


  1. Selon moi qnet c’est la solution que l’Afrique attendait depuis longtemps pour booster son développement et assurer l’avenir des jeunes car de nombreux pays Africains souffre du manque d’emploi pour la jeunesse et pense que qnet c’est une alternative et c’est la meilleure solution actuellement.

    • You still dont understand the business. QNET is the simplest business ever, see your upline with that question.


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