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Sapphire Star Arman Damylov Shares His QNET Success Story

Arman Damylov is a Sapphire Star from QNET Kazakhstan, and one of the rising members of the QNET Achievers’ Club. He is a graduate of a local academy of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. Before QNET, he worked in the civil service as part of the Police Department of the city he grew up in. Now, Arman Damylov is a thriving role model and a champion of Rank Advancement in QNET. But more than anything, he is one of our many QNET success stories. This is his interview.

Life Before QNET and Finding Direct Selling

QNET Achiever Arman Damylov

I learned about QNET from a close friend. I realised that. through QNET, I could help not only myself but also my relatives, friends, and acquaintances. When I first started, we were in a one-room apartment in the city where we invited our friends. They did not believe that direct selling was for them. But I knew that QNET provided a lot of opportunities for success, and that it also would allow me to make a difference in the lives of others. So, I believed in myself and kept going. Since finding QNET, my life has changed dramatically. I received so much support from my uplines, especially Ykhtiyar Rustemovich. Special thanks to him.

Dealing With Rejections And Negativity

QNET Success Story Arman Damylov

In the beginning, even my mother didn’t believe in the opportunity. I faced a lot of rejections but despite these setbacks, I always believed in myself. Self-belief is the best cure for all failures. Whenever I faced rejections, what worked for me was understanding that if I quit QNET, nothing would change in my life. I couldn’t just quit the business because there was a big team behind me. I also understood that all the difficulties are temporary, and I just have to be patient.

Advice For QNET Direct Sellers

QNET Direct Selling Tips Arman Damylov

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I conduct trainings on various topics and can talk about this a lot. The most important thing I emphasise is that QNET distributors need to believe in themselves, their dreams and their goals. However, to achieve your goals, you need to not only work hard but also use your brain. Have a clear plan when you’re starting your journey. I’ve always worked according to my plans. I make clear plans for the week, the month and year. Thanks to this, I was able to see fantastic results very quickly. My focus was on the business rather than the rejections or the negativity. I always think about my team and the income of my team and leaders. Most importantly, believe in yourself and your dreams. Always enable your “just do it” mode.

Sapphire Star Arman Damylov’s next big dream is to max out to the Blue Diamond rank, and also build a strong team of leaders all over Kazakhstan. We wish him all the best as continues his inspiring journey to success in direct selling.


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