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Sapphire Star Praveen Kumar Shares His Advice On Rank Advancement

Sapphire Star Praveen Kumar is a thriving member of the QNET Achievers’ Club and knows a thing or two about Rank Advancement. In this interview, he shares his insight into what it takes to become a ranked Star in QNET and how to promote Rank Advancement in your teams.

What It Takes To Achieve Sapphire Star Rank In QNET

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According to Sapphire Star Praveen Kumar, you need to build a team with similar goals as you if you want to achieve a certain rank within QNET. He said, “If you want to achieve Sapphire Star Rank, you must instil the same dream in your team. Work with those who are willing to become a QNET Sapphire Star in your organisation. In the process of helping your team achieve Sapphire, you will automatically achieve your Sapphire rank as well. Emphasise the importance of getting into the QNET Achievers Club, and the importance of Rank Advancement in your company. It will help them grow fast in your organisation, and help you build a team with a winning mindset.”

Motivation To Maintain And Advance Ranks

When asked about what motivates Sapphire Star Praveen Kumar, he said this, “One time achievement is easy. BUT maintaining it – you need a lot of consistency with consistent planning. My motivation to maintain the Sapphire Rank in the beginning was the amount of commissions I received. When you take a look at your account and see the Sapphire Star rank, it always gives you goosebumps and a boost of confidence. Then, I realised just how much power I had to motivate my downlines. As a leader, I felt it was my duty to promote Rank Advancement as a normal part of our team culture. I can help them upgrade their mindset with higher rank, higher income and higher lifestyle to inspire others.”

Promoting Rank Advancement In Your Team

“I’ve found that the best way to promote Rank Advancement is to usually showcase how much more commissions they can earn, and how much recognition they would receive as a QNET Achiever. You get to network with the best of the best, and through the Achievers’ Club Incentive Trip, you can even meet with the Founders and several QNET VIPs. To spread the message, we also conduct meetings and events, and share testimonials from other Gold and Sapphire Stars. We create posters and circulate them with the team to motivate and inspire them.”

Advice On How To Be Part Of The QNET Achievers Club

Sapphire Star Praveen Kumar shared what he currently follows to find success in QNET – “We cannot achieve anything alone. Our business is not a solo game. Together, we can achieve everything!”  Speaking of his advice for budding QNET distributors, he said “Plant the seed of Sapphire, Platinum, and Diamond Ranks in your team’s mind without hesitation or limitation. Water your team to become an Achiever and inspire them to be part of the Achievers Club, and automatically your team will help make YOU an Achiever. Anyone can achieve anything if someone is there to water them.”


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