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The Ultimate Guide To Promoting Products On Social Media

The Ultimate Guide To Promoting Products On Social Media

Promoting products on social media without coming across as an advertisement is not so difficult. You just need to know the right tricks and tactics. Here, we have gathered some of the best social media tips for you to follow to successfully promote your favourite products. Start by reading our QNET Social Media Tips For Direct Selling Success article, and then follow these steps carefully.

Steps To Promoting Products On Social Media

The trick to promoting products on social media is simple. To be a genuine product of your product, you’ve got to first try it for yourself, see the difference, and believe in it. If you are convinced, your customers will be, too.

Ultimate Tip: Remember the two most important don’ts –
1) Don’t be pushy and salesy.
2) Don’t overpromise. Be honest.

Step One: Use The Product For 21 Days

According to science, it takes 21 days to observe any real change or to even change a habit. That’s why it’s important to buy and use any of your favourite QNET Products for at least 21 days. It gives you enough time to have an authentic experience and an unbiased view which your customers will trust more than anything else.

Step Two: Document The Process

Observe how you feel. Take down notes, jot down any differences you see. As a bonus, you could even talk about it on your social media so that your customers are walking with you on this journey of discovery. When they see for themselves how it works and how it has enhanced your lifestyle, there will be more of a buy-in.

Step Three: Post Interesting Social Media Content

Your followers will not want to see an ad that is just a copy-paste version of what you can find on Google. What they want from you is unique content they can’t find easily – something that is personal and personalised that it makes your experience relatable. Here are some quick ideas for social media posts:

1. Create “How to” Guides

Create a short video or even just images of the step-by-step use of your favourite product. Any tips and tricks you’ve learnt along the way, share those too.

2. Showcase Style Guides

For our QNET lifestyle products, rather than showcasing a plain photo of the product, why not show your audience how you style it?

3. Share Recipe Ideas

There’s nothing more personal than you sharing your favourite health recipes and plugging your favourite products organically. It creates a connection between you and your followers and doubles up as a product endorsement.

4. Capture An Unboxing

Unboxings are very popular for a reason. It’s like opening a gift but sharing it with a wider audience. You can share the excitement of opening a box of your favourite items and trying it for the first time. Whether you’re capturing your loved ones opening it or whether you’re documenting yourself trying it out – it makes for great viral content.

5. Reveal Before And After Photos

The most powerful way to promote your product is to demonstrate its positive effects through a before and after photo/video/text. Share your story via a long caption or show the visible differences via video or photo.


QNET Social Media Tips For Direct Selling Success


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