Sapphire Star Rustem Zhumageldiyev is a QNET success story that will inspire and motivate you to be your best self. Hailing from Temirtau in Kazakhstan, Sapphire Star Rustem Zhumageldiyev worked as an instrumentation locksmith at a metallurgy plant. He first learned about QNET from a friend 6 years ago but didn’t immediately get into it because he didn’t have enough information about direct selling.

Once Sapphire Star Rustem Zhumageldiyev understood more about the QNET opportunity, he thought he would give it a try. He earned his first cheque within a month, and it was more than his salary at the time. This gave him the boost he needed to give it his all. Within 6 months, he started to earn steadily. And the rest, as they say, is history.

On Overcoming Challenges

Rustem Zhumageldiyev Direct Selling Success Story

“I made my first registrations pretty quickly but, of course, there were many friends who refused. This is probably the most difficult part of direct selling. When you are denied by those in whom you were sure, you start to get upset and you lose heart. It happens to every beginner. But you need to understand that for every refusal in the present, you will receive 10 registrations in the future. This allowed me to quickly get out of this state.”

“I was able to overcome all the challenges I faced largely thanks to my uplines – especially Meiram Aytuyevich and V Council Member Urazalievich. The best people who help you in the business are your uplines. These are people who care about you with all of their hearts. They try to support you in every way possible. So, trust them and feel free to reach out to them when you need help.”

On Facing Rejections

QNET Distributor Rustem Zhumageldiyev

“I think rejections are part of every direct selling journey. It is part of the process, and the sooner we accept it, the faster we can find success. What worked for me is that I do not consider any rejections as failures. I believe that it is a stepping stone to success. It is part of the path that you must walk in order to fulfil your goals. I never felt like giving up because I knew that success only comes to those who don’ give up. I understood that if I gave up, no one else could change my life, and life would not magically become easier.”

On Finding Motivation

Sapphire Star Rustem Zhumageldiyev and wife

“My motivation is my family. Looking at them, I understood that these are the people for whom I will do everything that is required of me. Each time I achieve my goals, I try to set myself goals even more, and this does not allow me to relax. So far, thanks to QNET, I have achieved many results and now my team motivates me. I want every leader in my team to achieve their goals, fulfil their dreams, change their lives. I wish there were more strong leaders who maxout. This is my main goal now.”

On Rank Advancement In QNET

QNET VIP Rustem Zhumageldiyev

“QNET has a very well thought out system of ranks. By doing the same amount of work in each level, we can earn more It is not difficult to practice Rank Advancement in QNET when you focus 100% on building your team. However, what motivated me the most was the possibility of growth in the company, and of reaching new heights. If you are part of the QNET Achievers’ Club, you are surrounding yourself with people who want to achieve the highest goals in their life, people who understand that success is in their control. Rank Advancement is not difficult – Dare! Reach! The main thing to have is faith and 100% focus.”

Advice From Sapphire Star Rustem Zhumageldiyev

“I live by the philosophy ‘Don’t let your fears rule your life.’ I believe that it is better to have a terrible end than live in endless fear. Sometimes, you have to take the leap of faith in order to find success.”


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