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Eye of the tiger: Five ways to raise your direct selling game

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Even as Covid-19 continues to disrupt the way we live and work, more and more entrepreneurial opportunities have emerged.

The gig economy, in particular, thrives and helps boost local finances of countries, as does direct selling. However, skill gaps persist.

Of course, reskilling and upskilling were already being advocated for workers across many different industries before the pandemic. But Covid-19 has hastened everything, forcing all of us to quickly acquire and hone new skills.

The good news is that the acceleration of digital learning and the abundance of online courses available these days make it easier than ever to adapt to the new business norms. The trick is learning which skills are necessary for staying ahead of the game.

Want to stay competitive in a pandemic-touched world? Here are five things you can do to sharpen your edge and up your sales game.

Learn how to crunch those numbers

Analysis has always been a highly sought-after business skill, but what’s really in demand these days is the ability to understand data.

And there’s a good reason for that as research shows that the ability to investigate trends and customer needs can lead to salespeople closing more deals.

Granted, not everyone finds numbers, graphs and diagrams easy. However, several programmes, like qLearn’s Information Management course, are specifically designed to help marketing professionals utilise information to boost returns.

Improve your writing skills

If you want to be an expert direct selling rep in 2021, you absolutely have to know how to create engaging content for social media.

But whether you’re uploading stories on Instagram and videos on TikTok, posting on Facebook, or blogging, what cannot be overlooked is the ability to write well.

Writing was once the primary way marketers advertised products and services and it’s a skill that’sonly risen in value since the pandemic hit.

Of course, navigating the social media minefield and crafting compelling content isn’t easy. But that’s what makes content-focused programmes like Presentation and Writing Skills so important.

Get better at presentations

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, every marketing pro wants to knock it out of the park at presentations.

The reality is it takes practice and quite a bit of talent to become an expert presenter. Indeed, the new norm of online meetings has resulted in additional challenges and requires a different focus.

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However, it’s not impossible to hone your skills by leaning on the advice of experts and signing up for programmes like qLearn’s Delivering Professional Presentations.


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Prioritise efficient time management

It might seem silly to suggest sales professionals have issues managing their time.

However, the last two years of incessant lockdowns and working from home has led to many people, marketing reps as well, complaining of distractions and other productivity issues.

Developing time management skills, thus, has become crucial, particularly to those whose work involves making and closing deals.

Managing Yourself and Your Time, for one, is a programme that is focused on identifying negative time-stealing habits and replacing them with more efficient processes.

Learn to lead better

As much as direct selling is about closing deals, it’s primarily about relationships.

Whether you’re a company leader, upline or newbie, it’s vital to have a great working relationship with your team members.

The lack of face-to-face interactions in these new working norms, however, can be challenging, which is why a course like Using Teamwork To Boost Performance is key.

It supplies you with the leadership skills needed to motivate and guide your team to success – and your career to greater heights.


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