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Beating cabin fever: Finding happiness in a COVID-19 world

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Every time it seems the world is beginning to open up, the ever-present threat of new COVID-19 variants results in new and lengthier lockdowns. 

Regrettably, while it’s true sitting at home is the best way to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the dreaded coronavirus, it’s not great for one’s state of mind. In fact, drawn-out movement restrictions have resulted in an increase in mental health issues

The key to combating this, experts say, is to do things that’ll not only help reduce restlessness and anxiety from being cooped up at home but make you more productive.

Here are few ways to beat cabin fever and ensure a happier and healthier state of mind:

Hit the books

If you’ve always wanted to return to studying but could never find the time, a lockdown presents the perfect opportunity to go back to school. 

Granted, the thought of studying again can be daunting for some, especially if it’s been years since you were last in a classroom.

However, there’s now an abundance of short, specially-designed and focused online courses you could consider starting with.

qLearn, for one, offers an array of e-learning programmes exclusively tailored for businesspersons. By the way, the science is clear that learning improves mental wellness.

Make your old goals, new goals

Remember how you once dreamt about financial freedom but were always too caught up with “work matters” to think about starting your own business?

Well, being forced to work from home has not only saved us precious time; it’s also presented us with the chance to focus on long-forgotten goals. 

There are numerous stories from the past 18 months about people stuck at home who’ve listened to their hearts and achieved personal business goals.

It’s also one of the reasons why direct selling has been so successful throughout the pandemic. You could be one of the happy success stories

Strengthen social connections

We know. Back-to-back online meetings and classes can be draining.

But scheduling virtual facetime with your friends and family at the end of a long day can be mentally nourishing.

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Having a sound social support system is critical during these challenging times, so make an effort to follow through with those planned online meetups.

Another idea would be to reach beyond your circle to online communities where you can share conversations with people with similar hobbies, goals and interests.


Celebrate World Friendship Day With These Zoom Activities

Tend that garden

As thousands upon thousands of locked down people have found, gardening can be an excellent stress-reliever for cabin fever. So perhaps this could be the time for you to take the plunge and become a plant parent

And if you can successfully manage that, you might also want to consider growing something for the table.

Growing your own food may seem challenging, but really, it’s easy enough to start with learning to grow herbs like basil, chives or coriander. The added upside is that you’d be contributing to food sustainability.

Try a new physical activity

Bored of all those online fitness classes? Give a new physical activity a try. 

When many parts of Australia went into lockdown recently, and gyms and pools were ordered shut, some folks found peace and solace in sports they’d not previously played, like golf and tennis.

The same is true for countless others across the globe.

However, don’t stress if sports or exercising isn’t your thing. Pet owners can always still find solace in walking their furkids.

In short, there’s something for everyone!



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