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Five ways to prepare for your post-COVID holiday

world tourism day

After close to two years of lockdowns, the doors of tourism which were once shut to travellers are very cautiously creaking open.

For many nations’ whose finances were battered due to the forced shutdown of global tourism, this gradual return to normalcy, with flights resuming and hotels starting to fill up again, is welcome indeed.

And it’s doubly great for us long-denied travellers! But with the pandemic still far from over, how should one prepare for a vacation?

It used to be so simple. Book your tickets and accommodation, pack a bag, and head on to destinations afar. However, planning a trip right now involves so many considerations, and requires travellers to not just be prepared and well-informed, but flexible too.

So, in conjunction with World Tourism Day and in anticipation of more destinations welcoming lockdown-weary tourists, here’re the five most important things to help you prepare for that much-needed post-COVID-19 holiday:

Ensure you’re vaxxed

This should go without saying, but we’ll state it anyway — if you’re thinking of travelling, you should make sure you’re inoculated.

Yes, certain regions welcome both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. But not all. Also if you aren’t jabbed, you might also not be allowed on flights, in restaurants and in certain tourism sites.

Furthermore, depending on where you’re heading, you could be hit by restrictive quarantine requirements that would seriously eat into precious vacay time.

Sort out the nitty-gritty

COVID-19 has changed insurance coverage significantly. So do check on the terms of your policies before your break.

Also, if you’re going to be travelling with children, elderly persons or those with chronic health conditions, the all-clear from a doctor might be needed.

Granted, this may all seem like a lot of work, but you want to ensure everyone’s as protected as can be. Making a to-do list — even if you’re the kind of free spirit who usually despises lists — can help a tonne in ensuring all the little things are sorted out.


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Be prepared to compromise 

You might’ve had your heart set on where you want to head to but not all parts of the world are open yet. So, be flexible.

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Do as much research as you can on possible destinations. This includes finding out the rules for tourists, what health facilities are around, and daily coronavirus case counts.

Consider, too, the time at your disposal. Do you have time for a long break or would a short getaway make more sense?

QVI Breaks enables travellers to make time in their busy schedules for a short getaway to help recharge the mind, body and soul. The best part? QVI Breaks deals are valid for 1-3 years based on your chosen package, so there’s no need to rush into a decision.

Lock in your stays

Scoring great deals and booking stays in advance has always made sense, and it matters even more now.

With reports of folks flocking to tourist spots as soon as governments declare them open, you really don’t want to leave accommodation decisions to the last minute and risk missing out.

You would definitely want to check out QNET’s all-in-one booking platform QVI Tripsavr for amazing savings on hotel stays as well as car rentals and holiday activities. Plus, you get to earn rewards for every trip you complete.

Plan for more hassle-free future trips

With travel and tourism growing once again, it is clear that people do not intend to stop travelling altogether. The world has faced evolving guidelines and changes in personal preferences, but bookings continue to roll in.

If you’re looking to plan farther ahead in the future, QVI Club may be a more suitable package for your lifestyle. Book your vacations for up to 30 years so you never have to worry about each trip you take.

Share the long-term privileges of your membership with loved ones and enjoy unforgettable, meaningful travel experiences.

 Manage expectations

The reality of travel in the current norm dictates learning how to roll with the punches.

Not only can health protocols and guidelines change rapidly, you may also find yourself in situations where plans need to be altered or cancelled at a moment’s notice.

So stay calm, collected, keep safe and ride that holiday wave.


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