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Sapphire Star Natalia Chermashentseva Shares Her Success Story

Natalia Chermashentseva from QNET Russia knows a thing or two about success in direct selling, especially as a woman in business. Read all about her humble beginnings, her incredible QNET journey so far, and her plans for the future. She also shares the advice that helped her find success, in hopes of inspiring other distributors. 

How Sapphire Star Natalia Chermashentseva Started In QNET

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Sapphire Star Natalia Chermashentseva has two educational degrees in teaching and psychology. Before QNET, she worked as a gas station manager. She had a plan to be a part of the oil and gas industry. However, when Natalia’s son introduced her to QNET three and a half years ago, she was interested in the possible opportunity. As she was always on the lookout for additional income, she took it up eagerly and studied the QNET Business Plan. While she was initially sceptical about the networking part of the business, Natalya saw great potential in earning a passive income, as well as the opportunity to vacation all over the world while still earning money. 

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During her training, Natalia realised several things that made her want to join QNET. “At my training, I realised that I would not only be earning by helping my business partners earn money. I also wondered whom I wanted to bring financial independence to. Of course, the first person was my mother, my sister and my family and close friends. When my family supported me, I earned my first cheque. Then, they got their first check. And so my team grew.”

Facing And Overcoming Challenges

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Natalia Chermashentseva faced obstacles in her journey just like everyone else. “As in any business, everything is not always smooth or fast. I didn’t have enough knowledge about direct selling. Like any woman, I tried to be a good wife, a caring mother, a responsible manager at work, and then there was QNET. How can one person do everything? Yes, it was hard. I was very tired, but I kept going because I knew WHY I was doing all of this. I set myself a goal – not to try but to win! There were rejections – but this is normal. My initial uncertainty in business went away with the acquisition of experience and knowledge. I tried to absorb and master this new business as quickly as possible.”

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How QNET Changed Her Life

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Natalia Chermashentseva found that despite her challenges, she was able to rely on her son and her family. She found their support a big help in her QNET journey, and believes that support from close friends and family can help you overcome anything. Over her years at QNET, Natalya found that she’s become a different person. Her attitude to life and work, and her self esteem changed. She realised that she is now flexible, hardworking, and relentless when it comes to her goals. She understood her true potential and her capabilities. This means that now she knows that there is so much room for her to grow, and so, she is not shy about setting big goals. Her next big goal is to become a V Partner of QNET. 

Advice For QNET Distributors

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Being in the Achievers’ Club helps you unlock rewards and recognitions that you don’t want to miss. Here is Sapphire Star Natalia Chermashentseva’s advice for all those who want to hack Rank Advancement, “It is necessary for you to, first of all, realise that you need to be well-organised and control the work of your team. Each leader should be part of a well-thought mechanism. Focus on maintaining the rank of your whole team. Know what you want in this life and go after your goals without any regret. My personal philosophy of life is to remove the word ‘impossible’ from my vocabulary”


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