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Epic V-Convention Connect Highlights To Get You Excited


V-Convention Connect (VCC) is QNET’s answer to the new normal, a virtual avenue where we can connect with distributors globally through an enriching and immersive experience which includes training programmes, product launches, business updates, success story spotlights, and recognition for top performers. Through V-Convention Connect, we have ensured that our beloved distributors still got to experience the magic of QNET while keeping safe from Covid-19.

With the next #VCC2021 just around the corner, let’s look at the highlights of our previous V-Convention Connect events.

#VCC2020, September 2020 – An Award-Winning, Game-Changing First

2020 was a huge challenge for many people and businesses around the world. For the first time ever, we had to host our biggest event virtually. Hence, V-Convention Connect was born.

Over 200,000 distributors were present to witness this spectacular first, and the event’s success was felt worldwide. At this inaugural event, which also fell on QNET’s 22nd anniversary, we launched the QNETCity Collection, introduced Belite 123 and the new Physio Radiance skincare set, and welcomed Zayn air purifier to the HomePure family. It was also the first time we went fully digital with Aspire Magazine and unveiled our QNET website revamp!

The first VCC was so epic, we received recognition for our social media campaign for it. The #VCC2020 social media campaign has won the Award of Excellence from the 2021 Communicator Awards and a Bronze Stevie for Engaged Community of the Year from the 2021 International Business Awards. Following the event, Aspire # 28 also won a Gold from the 2020 Marcom Awards.

#VCC2021, March 2021 – Breaking Records with the Second Instalment

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The second V-Convention Connect was QNET’s biggest ever, with 350,000 distributors tuning in from over 50 countries around the world. The event featured a celebration of Bernhard H. Mayer’s 150th Anniversary, a first look at Banago, and the launch of Amezcua Chi Pendant 4.

We also witnessed RYTHM in action through the outreach programmes we’ve held in many communities around the world.

This time, Aspire Magazine went beyond being digital to being interactive, too. This made the 29th issue a Platinum Winner at the 2021 Muse Creative Awards.

Get Ready For Another Ground-breaking #VCC2021

Now, we’re counting the days to the next V-Convention Connect. With exciting new product launches, more achievements to celebrate, and valuable lessons to be learned from our Founders and V Ambassadors, it’s sure to be a spectacular, life-changing virtual event as always. See you all there!


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  1. […] attracted approximately 200,000 participants from nearly 50 countries,” says Caluza. By 2021, the participation increased to 350,000 participants from more than 50 […]

  2. I am an IR activate from Sierra Leone , l witness the v. Con, and the celebration is very amazing and it gave me More passion to the business. Thanks for organizing.

  3. Hello,
    i am marvan. can i join the upcoming event V-Convention Connect 2021.
    I am not a distributor. need to know about the qnet direct selling method.
    Can you share the link to join this meet through online

    THank you


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