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How Regular Is Regular? Instilling Regular Facials in Your Skincare Routine


A home facial is quite different from your normal skincare routine because it involves deep cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, and nourishing the skin.

Of all the parts of our bodies, our face is probably what we pay the most attention to. Yet while we religiously cleanse, tone and moisturise, facials often get a backseat unless we’re prepping for an event or having a spa day.

How often should I get a facial?

It used to be that people preferred to have facials done at the salon, which can cost a lot of time and money. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to have home facials these days. Having a home facial every month is recommended to anyone to ensure that you don’t leave your skin too malnourished, unattended, and unclean for a long time.

However, the frequency really depends on your skin type and condition. For instance, those with oilier skin should consider having a facial at least twice a month while those with pimples or are prone to having white/blackheads must look at taking facials more often.

10 benefits of having a regular home facial

Radiant looking skin

A facial ensures that your skin looks and feels soft and bouncy; regularly having facials – with consistent intervals – gives you glowing skin, minus the oil.

Goodbye tired looks

Regular facials help keep your moisture intact and stop making you look eternally tired while lessening puffy eyes, dark eye circles and pigmentation.

Reduces stress

Your face mirrors your mind – the more stressed you are, the more distressed you look. Ensuring a commitment to facials helps stimulate pressure points to reduce anxiety and uplift your overall mood.

Rejuvenates skin

Facials are vital in improving your skin’s texture. By exfoliating and removing dead skill cells, they help give your skin a lustrous look.

Improved flow

Massages are an essential component of facials, and these improve your blood circulation and ensure a consistent supply of oxygen to your face.

Less white/blackheads

No one likes clogged pores; regular facials are a sure-fire way to combat them since you will deep clean your pores frequently.

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Cut the shine

Oily skin has its benefits, but no one likes a shiny face. Having a regular home facial routine helps keep your oil in control.

Lighten marks

Acne scars are the worst, and if left unattended, they can be permanent. Alleviate marks gradually with regular facials that will gently lighten scars and reveal a more refined and even skin tone.

Detoxify your face

Germs, dirt, dust, smoke, and other harmful pollutants are everywhere, and our faces get the full blast of them. Facials are essential to ensure deep cleansing to remove toxins from your skin.

Fights ageing skin

Skin starts to age after you reach 25, and a regular facial is like an antidote to ageing to make sure your skin looks and feels young.

Do it yourself

Don’t let lockdowns and travel restrictions dampen your facial routine. The right products, a bit of patience and continued commitment is all you need!

The Physio Radiance Visage+ will make you never want to step outdoors for a facial again. This anti-ageing home facial device comes with four innovative skin therapies combined into one. Use it 2-3 times a week and feel the difference in your face.

Complement your facials with a luxurious skincare routine that will keep your face cleansed, protected, and nourished day and night, with the six-product Physio Radiance skincare range. Get to know more here.




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