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Platinum Star Almas Zhubanayev Talks Rejections And Success In Direct Selling

V Council Member Almas Zhubanayev Success Story (1)

Platinum Star V Council Member Almas Zhubanayev is a QNET success story from Kazakhstan, and has been with QNET for over 7 years. Before QNET, he was confused and trying to figure out a future he felt passionate about. In his second year of university, V Council Member Almas Zhubanayev came across QNET. Here’s how he faced rejections, choose QNET, and found success in direct selling.

Life Before QNET

When Platinum Star V Council Member Almas Zhubanayev was younger, his dad tried to get him to train as an auto mechanic. Instead, he wanted to become a lawyer or accountant, and so went to university for four years to achieve a degree. Later, he enrolled in a Master’s degree which would get help him become a border troop, a customs officer or traffic police.

However, life had other plans for him. In his second year, he found out about QNET through a friend. His wasn’t impressed by the first Presentacion that he attended, and soon forgot all about QNET. After six months, he attended another session by another distributor. This time, he thought he’d give it a try and see what happens.

Choosing QNET

While training to be a policeman through university, V Council Member Almas Zhubanayev also struggled with another side of him. He was a creative soul who wanted to be a businessman. So, when he heard of QNET again, he thought it was a sign and a second chance for him to try his hand at being an entrepreneur.  Despite facing several rejections when he first started, he earned his first cheque within a month. He started earning regular after a year.

Facing Rejections And Overcoming Direct Selling Challenges

“I must have faced over 100 rejections minimum. I did not accept this as a failure as I knew that rejections were common in this line of business. In the beginning, I not only lost my uplines, but I also lost my whole team of 20 people, and later 300 people. This was heartbreaking but I promised myself that I wouldn’t lose anymore. I started working harder.”

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“I focused on the big picture and thought only about the positives. I believed that  I could overcome my challenges – no matter what. There was even a time when I didn’t have enough to eat and we had debts, but I never once gave up. I knew that the difficult times would pass, and with the encouragement of my small team, we persevered. We’ve created a great team from scratch, and our next goal is to get all our leaders to maxout.”

Advice From V Council Member Almas Zhubanayev

“My motivation is to think of what my life was before. I never want to be that poor again. My aim, instead, is to be the best version of myself every year. Develop your hunger for knowledge, better income, and better life, and you will stay motivated long-term. Always be close to people from whom you can learn a lot. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your upline. Gain knowledge from different strong and successful people.

“Take your life easy but at the same time be serious. Don’t get bogged down by stress but focus on doing what you need to do. Be responsible, don’t give up, but also have fun – and you will be able to achieve everything”


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