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HomePure Complete Water Line Announced At Arab Water Forum 2021

HomePure Complete Water Line 2021 QNET Products

Say hello to the new HomePure Complete Water Line, rolled out officially at the Arab Water Forum (AWF) 2021. Upholding QNTE’s strategy of environmental support, the HomePure Complete Water Line will help reduce the need for single-use plastic bottles, and does not waste water nor require electricity to run. Launching a complete water solution for families has long been a dream of QNET, ensuring clean and safe drinking water, no matter the water problems in your locality.

The Arab Water Forum (AWF) 2021

The AWF 2021 is the 5th edition of the most important water-related event in the Arab nation. It is an important milestone in the run up to the World Water Forum and is under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, as well as the League of Arab States (LAS). In this edition, the forum addressed vital issues such as water challenges faced in the area. In addition to there being several panel sessions, there was also an Expo in which QNET had a booth for HomePure.

HomePure Complete Line At AWF 2021

QNET launched the HomePure Complete Water Line at the expo of the AWF 2021, introducing two new products in addition to the state-of-the-art HomePure Nova water filtration system. With the help of the HomePure Prefilter 1-mc which removes particles as small as 1 micron from your water supply, and the HomePure NovaSoft that converts your hard water to soft water, you can now rest assured that all your drinking water needs are taken care of from tap to sip.

QNET CEO Malou Caluza said, “Having a hold of more than 10 years of excellence and extensive knowledge pertaining to water quality in over 90 countries, we were certainly able to launch the strongest innovative water filtration system that guarantees a stream of clean, safe, and nourishing Pi-Water in our consumer’s home, providing filtration of fine sediments, as small as 1 micron, which cannot be seen with the unaided eye.”

To learn more about the HomePure Complete Water Line or buy the combo tailored specifically with your region in mind, visit your eStore or the HomePure website.


HomePure Nova Bags Prestigious NSF and Water Quality Association Certifications


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