Dossymbetov Yersin On QNET Success

Sapphire Star Dossymbetov Yersin is no stranger to overcoming hardship and following his dreams. As one of our many QNET Success Stories, Dossymbetov Yersin is a role model ready to share his advice with aspiring QNET Achievers’ Club members. Here’s his story.

Life Before QNET

Born in Turkestan in Kazakhstan and currently in Shymkent, Sapphire Star Dossymbetov Yersin was a regular sales assistant in a hardware store. After graduation, he wanted to be a Financier but couldn’t get a job in his speciality. Instead, he just found jobs wherever they were vacancies. He came across QNET 2.5 years ago through a friend. Coming from an ordinary family, Yersin had a lot of dreams that seemed impossible to fulfil because of his low income. QNET showed him for the first time that maybe no dream was too big for him to achieve.

The QNET Journey To Success

V Council Member Dossymbetov Yersin (5)

Despite having received his first cheque within 2 weeks of joining, he faced several rejections before he began earning money on a regular basis. “In the beginning, it is very painful to hear rejections, at the same time it is a valuable experience. When I had difficulties, rejections and so on, I remembered why I joined QNET. I always asked myself – If I give up now, what will happen to my dreams? The dream has always helped to move forward.”

How QNET Has Changed Dossymbetov Yersin’s Life

Through QNET, Yersin has learnt how to follow up his dreams with an action plan. “Before QNET, I was a simple guy with goals but no action. It was always scary for me to start doing something, to start my own to achieve the goal. QNET has given me courage, and courage changed my thinking dramatically. Thanks to QNET, I realised that I myself am the director of my life. I learned not to wait for a dream to come true, but to act.”

On Goals And Motivations In Direct Selling

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Dossymbetov Yersin’s long term goal in QNET is to create a lot of Sapphire Star leaders within his team, as well as achieving the Blue Diamond rank himself. When speaking about what helped him so far, he credited his upline and his mother for being his ultimate motivation. His passion to provide his family a better life and to show his mother the world is what keeps him successful in QNET.

Advice on Rank Advancement In QNET

To Dossymbetov Yersin, achieving the Sapphire Star rank is not enough. What’s important to him is to maintain that status every month diligently, and strive to increase it. “I give meaning to everything I do. When you find meaning, find peace and happiness. QNET has become one of the meanings of life for me! I love QNET! Everyone who comes to QNET wants to change their lives for the better. I believe that absolutely everyone can become successful. I instil in everyone that everyone can reach high ranks. But for this, you need to work, be always included, do not forget about your goals and dreams, and always follow a clear plan that we give them. The higher your rank, the more and more cheques you earn. It is an honour to be in the QNET Achievers Club. The people who have become part of the QNET Achievers Club have gone through various paths and difficulties. It can be a thorny road. I would advise everyone to believe in themselves and believe in what you are doing, to believe in your dreams. Do not forget why you are here, go for it”


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