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HomePure Complete Water Line Present At Cairo Water Week 2021

HomePure participated in Cairo Water Week 2021 with QNET’s latest integrated water line as part of our continuous efforts supporting the environment and sustainability. This year’s theme was “Water, Population, and Global Variables: Challenges and Opportunities”, the perfect opportunity to introduce to the world our one-stop water solution – the HomePure Complete Water Line.

Highlights Of Cairo Water Week 2021

Cairo Water Week 2021 HomePure Complete Water Line (11)

The fourth edition of the Cairo Water Week came in the heels of water being placed on the top of Egypt’s political agenda, with emphasis on sustainable and economic water solutions. The event was hosted under the auspices of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and was attended by a huge group of ministers, senior officials, scientists and water experts, among others. The sessions all concluded the necessity of sustainable water solutions and managing water resources smartly.

QNET At Cairo Water Week

QNET and HomePure At Cairo Water Week 2021 (2)

QNET and HomePure curated a special panel at the event, discussing our strategy on clean and safe water, importance of water technology as well as talking about our RYTHM projects around the world. On top of raising awareness among the attendees and educating our younger audiences in a fun and engaging way, QNET accentuated the importance of affordable and clean drinking water to everyone’s health.

Cairo Water Week 2021 HomePure Complete Water Line (1)

Part of the panel included a booth at the event where we were able to introduce the HomePure Complete Water Line that has two new HomePure products – the HomePure NovaSoft, a solution to hard water, and the HomePure Prefilter 1-mc, designed to remove even the smallest impurities from your water source. The HomePure Complete Line answers several of the problems discussed in the panels of Cairo Water Week 2021 as it is not only user-friendly and eco-friendly, but also reduces the usage of single-use plastic bottles.

QNET and HomePure At Cairo Water Week 2021 (1)

This event is crucial in addressing several water related issues faced by the Middle-East. Organised by the League of Arab States in co-operation with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, this was a massive platform for HomePure to be a part of. This event, among others is in line with all of our efforts to leave behind a green legacy for the coming generations.


HomePure Complete Water Line Announced At Arab Water Forum 2021

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