Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Sapphire Star Aivar Kublanov On Being A Successful QNET Achiever

Sapphire Star V Elite Leader (VEL) Aivar Kublanov has been with QNET Russia for 4 years. Before QNET, he was a manager at a sales department for 6 years. After that, VEL Aivar Kublanov started his own business of providing services in the field of labour protection. When he first found out about QNET through a distant relative, he thought wasn’t very impressed. However, after hearing the QNET Business Plan by his relative’s uplines, he was interested.

Finding QNET And Facing Rejections

Sapphire Star Aivar Kublanov QNET Success Story 3

“When my relative invited me to join QNET, I did not believe in what he was saying. I laughed at him for a long time. But once I heard the business plan, I was curious to see if I could make it work. I earned my first cheque in the first week and then started earning money regularly,” said Sapphire Star VEL Aivar Kublanov. While he was building his team in QNET, VEL Aivar faced a lot of rejections. Out of 124 presentations, 30 people registered. The rest refused. It made him want to give up in the beginning. But thanks to his uplines and his “why”, he kept going.

Overcoming Challenges

Sapphire Star Aivar Kublanov QNET Success Story 4

To be the QNET success story that he is, Sapphire Star VEL Aivar Kublanov decided to not give up on being a direct seller. “I had misunderstandings with my wife at one point but I never gave up in trying to get her on board. Now, we are a happy family and have everything that we need thanks to QNET. We live in perfect harmony. We are able to provide for our parents and our children. In the toughest times, my uplines supported me, especially my direct upline Askar Bolatovich.”

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Aivar Kublanov Aleksandrovich QNET Success Story 19

“Thanks to QNET, I changed a lot. I learned to set goals and changed my view on life in general. Unlike other companies, QNET pays attention to your mindset as well as your success. This means that with QNET, you have a good compensation plan and rank advancement system to help you succeed, and also the support you need from your uplines and teammates,” he said.

Traits Of A QNET Achiever

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Sapphire Star VEL Aivar Kublabov believes that all obstacles to becoming a QNET Achiever is in your head. He believes that the path to success is already set, and all you need to do is follow it. Stop self-sabotaging and move towards your dream with every passing day. He believes that everyone has the potential to be a Sapphire Star.

Aivar Kublanov Aleksandrovich QNET Success Story 18

“The one philosophy I live by is that you need to be strong. Your success or failure depends completely on you. Nothing will change if you don’t act. So, be strong and work hard towards your dreams. And while you’re at it, make sure that you are also helping change other people’s lives. Fight for a better life.”

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