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Sapphire Stars Saranya And Arun On Finding Direct Selling Success As A Duo

Sapphire Stars Saranya and Arun are a masterclass in how to find success in QNET as a couple. Living in the UAE, they first discovered QNET five years ago, and have had a truly inspirational journey since then. Read all about their experience with direct selling, and their advice for QNET distributors worldwide.

Life Before QNET For Saranya and Arun

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Before QNET, Arun worked as a travel consultant and Saranya worked as a software engineer. They were in debt and their 9-5 jobs were not helping them pay it off. And so, they went in search of additional income. That’s how Saranya and Arun found out about QNET. Within the first week, they cashed their first cheque. After three months, they started earning a regular income as QNET distributors. Within 22 months, they earned enough to not only take care of their liabilities but also live a life worthy of a direct seller.

Facing Rejections From Friends And Family

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One of the first challenges Sapphire Stars Saranya and Arun faced was rejection from their hot zone contacts. Their immediate circle did not trust them enough to join and so moving forward was a challenge. It was also difficult to dealing with negative news being spread unfairly. It affected their team and also their prospects. However, they overcame this problem by spending a lot of time sharing the truth about QNET and the products, and being living proof that you can find success in direct selling and QNET. When they were struggling, they also relied on their uplines – V Council Member Abid Sha, V Council Member Asma Abid and Associate V Partner Nasib BR – who helped give them the advice and support we needed to overcome rejection.

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“From the very first day at QNET, we faced rejections. Even now, despite being so successful, we face rejections. But we don’t care about them. Once we attended V-Convention Dubai, we were able to see for ourselves the power of QNET. There were 20,000 dreamers from all over the world who didn’t care about the challenges but chose to overcome them and keep going. That’s when we decided that whatever rejections we face, we will keep moving forward,” said Sapphire Star Saranya.


The Importance Of Uplines

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Speaking on uplines, Saranya had this to say, “Without our uplines nothing would be possible. They give us strength and support during our tough times. Our uplines showed us how to overcome each problem in our business. They set good examples and high benchmarks. And most importantly, we have a good relationship with each other. That’s also why we try to be model uplines for our team members as well. It is one of the most important aspects of direct selling – a family of like-minded people who are there for each other.”

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On The QNET Achievers’ Club

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QNET has the best rewards and recognition in the form of the QNET Achievers’ Club. For Arun and Saranya, consistency is the key to rank advancement in QNET. They believe that in order to achieve Sapphire Star, you need to build a team of gold stars. Once you bring them on stage with you, it becomes part of your team culture to be achievers.

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“For you to get into the Achiever’s Club, first, be consistent in your actions, and second, have proper focus on your goals until you achieve it. When you become living proof, people will follow you for your leadership, and will know that they are in the right team. Being a one time achiever is not enough. You need to work on achieving and maintaining ranks. And when you set an example, your team will duplicate. We set goals every month for how many achievers we will create and we keep working hard towards it,” said Sapphire Stars Saranya and Arun.

Life Advice From Sapphire Stars Saranya and Arun

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Sapphire Stars Saranya and Arun follow the life philosophy of Ubuntu which means that humanity in Bantu. It is a philosophy that believes in community and in the necessity of uplifting others. Saranya said, “People come to our organisation to make their dreams comes true. We have to be with them until all of them reach their final destination and make all their dreams come true. While you are making money and finding success, you also need to keep in mind not to hurt anyone. Stay humble and be grounded. And don’t forget to follow RYTHM.”

Join us in congratulating Sapphire Stars Saranya and Arun for being such wonderful role models, and being living proof that you can achieve all your dreams if you work hard and don’t give up. Are you inspired to be just like them? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Waouh waouh waouh ya rien à dire au couple saphir star tellement inspirant, je suis fière de vous, chapeau, j’ai retenu encore de l’espérance bien noté je vous aimes

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