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3 Lessons In Direct Selling From Marvel’s Eternals

Lessons In Direct Selling From Marvel's Eternals

Marvel’s Eternals marks a new phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an action-packed superhero movie that is inspirational AND funny. Here are five spoiler-free lessons in direct selling that you can learn from the powerful Eternals who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years. 

Know Your Own Purpose

Salma Hayek plays Ajak, the mother of the Eternals, and her purpose was to guide them with their purpose. During the movie, she realises that what is most important is to find and know your own purpose rather than following something you don’t agree with. This same lesson applies to direct selling. Your success depends on what your “WHY” is. Trying to make someone else’s dream goals come true isn’t the right path for your own success.

Learn Your History

In Marvel’s Eternals, we find out that they were sent to the Earth to protect the planet from creatures that are intent on destroying all life. Having met that purpose centuries ago, they retired and carried on with their life – trying to blend in. They are reassembled when the threat to life reappears, but they are all a bit rusty. This is a reminder to all direct sellers and entrepreneurs that while it’s easy to forget the important details, you should keep up to date with the company you work for, the policies and procedures, and even the techniques in direct selling so that you never lose that edge.

Build Your Support System

We have talked a LOT about the importance of teamwork and building the right team for success in direct selling. However, if there’s something to learn from Marvel’s Eternals, it’s that having the right support system is key. Kingo is narcissistic and seemingly obnoxious. But even he doesn’t show up for the event of the century without his sidekick Karun Patel.  From this, it’s clear that every successful entrepreneur and direct seller needs to surround themselves with people who will hype them up. Find people who can be your biggest cheerleaders even in the middle of an apocalypse.



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