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4 Ways To Become A Top Performer In QNET

How To Be Top Performer In QNET Direct Selling Tips

Being a top performer in QNET isn’t about connections or even talent. It’s about developing certain traits that set you apart from your peers. In this article, we’ve singled out four attributes that set apart a successful direct seller and entrepreneur from everyone else. Hone these skills and you will be well on your way to becoming a top performer in QNET.

Here are four characteristics that will truly make you a remarkable direct seller.

Be Curious

If you are curious by nature,  harness that skill to become a top performer in QNET. Look beyond just your roles and responsibilities, and think of how you can find creative solutions for you and your team. Take it upon yourself to learn about everything you want to learn about, especially in direct selling, and use that to your advantage.

Turn Your Feedback Into Action

Feedback is part of any business relationship so that you can tweak your activities to set you up for success. Be okay with having uncomfortable conversations with your team and your uplines, actively ask for feedback, and use what you’ve learnt for success. It will make you stronger and more efficient.


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Feed Your Natural Desire To Learn

The need to keep upgrading your skills and knowledge goes hand in hand with feeding your curious nature. To be a top performer in QNET, you don’t need a degree from a fancy college. What you need is the ability to learn new things quickly, as well as having the passion to keep on trend. Don’t let yourself stagnate, keep learning and keep growing. 

Be Independent AND Collaborative

There’s no reason you can’t work independently AND work as a team. Working with little to no supervision is excellent, but also thriving in a group setting is just as amazing. If you can do both, you will  set yourself apart as a QNETPRO. Excelling at two different settings is very important, not just in direct selling, but also in life.

Which of these traits do you naturally have? Which of these traits do you want to develop further? Let us know in the comments.



  1. […] present the business precisely and respectfully. Your presentation will have a huge effect on your performance in the business. A well-crafted presentation of a direct selling business can create a curiosity in the customer. […]

    • 💯 true. They pay in dollars. I’m a member from Nigeria. It’s a place you can achieve your dreams.

  2. Hi.! I am curious and have started feeding my natural desire to learn (This is how I landed up on QBuzz). I need to continuously seek feedback from my uplines, work on them. Also, i am working on the ability to excel independently as well as to perform with a team.


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