Home Success Success Stories Sapphire Star Abhilash Varijakshan On Achieving Success In 3 Years with QNET

Sapphire Star Abhilash Varijakshan On Achieving Success In 3 Years with QNET

Sapphire Star Abhilash Varijakshan On Achieving Success In 3 Years with QNET

Sapphire Star Abhilash Varijakshan is one of our many QNET Success Stories. He reaped financial success and time freedom through his journey in QNET, although that did not come without challenges. Here is the story of how he achieved success in three years!

Life Before QNET

Originally from Kerala, India, Abhilash Varijakshan worked as an IT (Information Technology) administrator for a multinational company based in the UAE. It was a regular 9–to-6 job with a basic salary. When his daughter was born, he faced the challenge of bringing his family over to the UAE due to financial constraints. But he was determined to make extra income to have his family with him. That motivated him to start the QNET business. “QNET is a great combination of direct selling and the e-commerce business model. I knew this was a large company from the beginning.”

Discovering QNET

Abhilash Varijakshan recalls, “I attended a massive business presentation to learn about the compensation plan, and I saw many people there who were already succeeding in the business. I knew I needed to earn enough to support my daughter’s schooling in the UAE. And within the first week that I joined the business, I earned my first cheque. From that day on, I never missed any BV (Business Volume) in my tracking centre.”

Overcoming Challenges & Rejections

Though building the business proved to be difficult, especially because of misconceptions surrounding it, he worked hard to hold his team together and move forward.

When asked about rejections, Abhilash says that without rejections, no one can build the business. “I had my first rejection in the first week of my journey, and it was my childhood best friend. That did hurt me, but it made me take this business more seriously. If I had failed in this business, it would have seemed like I called him to fail, but now he knows that I called him to succeed.”

He remembers the moments where he faced challenges, but he knows that giving up was never an option. Discussing his challenges with his leaders and partners, especially his working upline, has taught him how to overcome his challenges. “Daily communications with my mentor gave me confidence during tough times that I had to face.”

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Becoming A QNET Achiever

Abhilash Varijakshan says a good strategy is required to achieve the Sapphire Star rank. “It was provided by my grand upline, AVP Nasib BR during a training in Dubai. Then I worked closely with my mentor, Arun Ashokan, to apply that strategy. We followed the systems closely and never skipped any trainings. We worked to create more Gold Stars in the team, and eventually I became a Sapphire Star.”

Rank maintenance is key to grow in this business. “Whatever we do now will be duplicated by our downlines in the future. If l maintained my Sapphire Star rank, my downlines will follow the same in future. So, I must maintain it for my people. Within the team, we recognise their achievements. When they make commissions, we celebrate within our teams. We guide them on what they need to do to achieve Gold Star. By nature, others who watch us will try to become the next leader.”

Achieving the Sapphire Star rank and becoming part of the QNET Achievers’ Club was a true self-confidence boosting recognition for Abhilash Varijakshan. “Being a leader, I have to maintain hope for my people. Rank advancement is the best strategy to become maxout in our business. If you want to succeed in this business, just focus on maintaining and upgrading your rank and your partners’ ranks.”

After three years of Sapphire Star Abhilash Varijakshan’s journey in QNET, he had resigned from his job in January 2021. He now has both the financial freedom and time which he did not get to enjoy in his corporate life. He has settled in Dubai with his family as QNET gave him the platform to run his business from any part of the world. “Whoever trusts me, I have to make sure they benefit out of me and my company. I am here to stay until my people are also achieving big dreams. By practising RYTHM, I can help many people around the world to achieve their goals.”




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