Thursday, March 23, 2023

An Inside Look At How QNET Is Building A Green Legacy In Dubai

Here is a sneak peek into how QNET is planting a green legacy in Dubai at the Dubai Mangrove Forest in Jebel Ali. Previously, we spoke all about why we have teamed up with Ecomatcher and how we plan to leave behind a green legacy all over the world. Now, take a look at what we’ve planted in Dubai so far, and why it is so important.

What’s The Big Deal About Mangroves?

Like the Amazon rainforest, Mangroves have evolved to thrive in hot, salty and muddy environments that most trees find hard to grow in. Mangroves attract biodiversity into the area, and help mitigate climate change. They lock away carbon and stop it from entering the atmosphere. They also reduce the impact of storms and sea-level rise.

What’s more, planting mangroves create a safe nesting environment for turtles as well as providing home for a wide variety of birds, smaller fish and marine life. In fact, last year in the Dubai Mangrove Forest, they had 46 turtle nests along the beach and have spotted over 40 species of birds. It’s safe to say that Mangroves are essential in our efforts to combat the negative effects of climate change.

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The New Dubai Mangrove Forest

The EMEG Mangroves QNET Dubai Ecomatcher Green Legacy

In the UAE, QNET is planting a green legacy in partnership with EcoMatcher and the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG), a non-profit based in Dubai. Together, we are planting Mangroves that are essential in protecting coastal communicates by stabilising the soil around the area. So far, a total of one thousand mangrove trees have been planted along Dubai’s coastline with an aim to plant one million seedlings in a year. EMEG’s long-term goal is to blanket a 500,000 square metre area with lush greenery and a natural refuge for rare marine species – a project we support wholeheartedly by actively building our green legacy in partnership with them.

We take pride in every project that is born out of our RYTHM principles. We are so happy to be able to build a green legacy as QNET in Dubai where we have built a growing family of distributors. We are so proud we can give back to communities where we serve. To follow the latest updates and see how much of an impact we are making worldwide, visit the QNET Green Legacy page on our website.

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