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Sapphire Star Alishpayeva Armanovna Shares Her Road to Success in Direct Selling

Sapphire Star Alishpayeva Armanovna is one of our many QNET success stories from Kokshetau, Kazakhstan. She has been with QNET for over three years, but before embarking on her journey in direct selling, she worked as a waiter. Here’s how Alishpayeva Armanovna changed her life from working as a waitress to becoming a Sapphire Star Achiever in QNET.

Discovering QNET

Before discovering QNET, Alishpayeva Armanovna worked as a waitressand led a very ordinary life. She says the only thing she could remember doing was going to work and coming home to sleep. There was nothing exciting about her job, and the pay was not attractive either. She learned about QNET from a friend whom she worked with at the restaurant, and she was instantly captivated by the opportunity. “I wanted to become financially independent, and to be honest, I was tired of working in a traditional job. I wanted something of my own, but alas, I did not have much money. And I wanted to help my family as much as possible, and I wanted to make sure that my loved ones did not need anything that I couldn’t give them.”

Facing Rejections

Direct Selling Success Stories Alishpayeva Assemgul Armanovna 1

Alishpayeva Armanovna started earning her first cheque within the first two weeks of joining QNET. Although that seemed like she had quite a quick start, she also had her fair share of rejections at the beginning. “It was difficult to hear ‘no’ from your closest friends. I faced at least 30 refusals before the first purchase.” But Alishpayeva understood that there was no easy money, and that it was better to be patient and persevere here than to work for someone else for another 40 years. “As they say, you must give up the good to achieve the best. Despite the difficulties I faced, I am thankful that I had my uplines, and my sister, Bakhytgul, who helped me withstand tough times.”

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She shares that whenever challenges appeared, she would think about her family. “They have been my biggest supporters. I started the business with my parents and my little sister, and I’ll always remain grateful to them as they stood by me through everything.”

Becoming An Achiever

According to Alishpayeva Armanovna, one of the most important traits of becoming an Achiever is duplication. It is important to duplicate the system to help your downlines grow their business. This serves as stepping stones for them to build their business the right way. “I highly encourage my team to get to know the company, and get the right information about the direct selling industry. This will only benefit them, and show them why they need to be a part of QNET.”

Alishpayeva’s next personal goal is to establish strong teams all over Kazakhstan, as well as in the CIS region. She also aims to achieve higher ranks such as Platinum, Diamond, and the Blue Diamond rank. We are incredibly proud of Alishpayeva for not giving up on her journey, and we hope her story inspires people to keep persevering through challenging times.

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