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V Elite Leader Adima Aleksandrovna Shares Her Road to Success with QNET

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V Elite Leader Adima Aleksandrovna is a Sapphire Star who has been a member of the prestigious Achievers’ Club for three and a half years and is a wonderful example of someone who has braved through challenges to achieve her dreams. Here, V Elite Leader Adima tells us about her journey in QNET, and how she had overcome obstacles to become the Success Story that she is today.

Life Before QNET

V Elite Leader Adima Aleksandrovna was a medical student, who devoted all her time to studying. “Besides studying, I didn’t have much time for anything else in my life,” Adima recalls. She came across QNET from her brother but did not understand the company in the beginning and she was sceptical about it. But her brother invited her to give it a try.

Facing Challenges

According to V Elite Leader Adima Aleksandrovna, she has found that the most difficult period is always the beginning. This is because you’re only starting to garner experience as you study the company, learn to convey the correct information about the network, and build your business. Starting out is also tough because of the rejections and the inability to show people your results. “This makes convincing people harder, too. I had only managed to earn my first cheque a month after I joined the business.”

On Rejections

V Elite Leader Adima says she had wanted to give up after the first few refusals. “I lost the heart and motivation to do this. But, later, I realised that all the rejections that I have come to face will serve as a motivation to greater heights.”

She credits her brother and upline for always guiding her through her business presentations. “His moral support has been incredibly important to me. Aivar would always remind me of why I started this business, and that has helped keep me going.”

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Staying Motivated

When asked how she keeps herself motivated, V Elite Leader Adima says, “I am motivated by my dreams. I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor, and I envisioned a future for myself in medicine. My next big goal is owning my own clinic, and thanks to the QNET business opportunity, I have realised that I can do so much more for medicine than just being an ordinary therapist at a city clinic.” She also credits her parents as her motivators. “They encourage me to move forward, and I really want to provide them with a beautiful life of freedom to do what they want.”

Becoming An Achiever

To those who are aiming to become an Achiever, V Elite Leader Adima has this to say: “You must set clear goals for yourself, and you must instil self-discipline. I want to achieve better results in the company, so I strive to maintain my current rank, and always increase it to advance myself. I always motivate my downline to achieve their goals too, thus the Sapphire is automatically achieved!”

Life In QNET

Today, V Elite Leader Adima’s life has changed drastically. Before, apart from studying and a mountain load of university homework, she has not had time for anything else. Today, she describes a life of full colours. She has expanded her social circle, and she is surrounded by people who are as passionate about QNET as she is. “I have really turned my financial situation around.  But most importantly, I have the opportunity to change the lives of people around me for the better and help them in realising their goals!”



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