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Sapphire Star Nurdaulet Uktemovich On How Commitment Leads To Success

Sapphire Star Nurdaulet Uktemovich joined QNET Kazakhstan in 2019. He believes that commitment is the key to success in direct selling based on his own personally journey in QNET. Read all about his early life, how he found QNET, and how he managed to reach Sapphire Star in the QNET Achievers’ Club.

Nurdaulet Uktemovich On His Life Before QNET

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Born in the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan, Sapphire Star Nurdaulet Uktemovich was really into boxing and music in his school days. He then went to the Polytechnic University in Almaty and became a building designer after he graduated. However, the salary was really low and he had to change his field of work. For three years, he worked as a chef and caterer. While he developed his communication skills and taught himself self-discipline in this field, he didn’t make enough to meet the needs of his family. Along with his wife and kids, they lived in a rented house, going from pay cheque to pay cheque to try and make ends meet.

In 2018, his cousin tried to introduce him to QNET. Back then, Nurdaulet Uktemovich assumed this was just like any other network marketing company and decided not to listen to him. His student years was full of such invites and he didn’t take it seriously. In 2019, while his sister was living with him, he noticed that she had a completely different outlook on life. He found out that her attitude to life had changed because of QNET. He decided not to interfere with her work on the condition that she didn’t talk to him about QNET. Over time, he noticed that her sister started earning a lot of commissions. So, he began to learn about the industry and look closely at the lives of his cousin and his sister. That’s when he decided to give QNET a try.

Facing Rejections And Overcoming Direct Selling Obstacles

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In the beginning, Sapphire Star Nurdaulet Uktemovich didn’t find things easy as he was balancing his catering business with direct selling. When he received his first cheque three weeks later, he decided to quit his job and commit to QNET full time. After two months, he started earning regularly. There hasn’t been a single week where he hasn’t earned an income as a QNET distributor. With each passing week, he finds himself becoming stronger and more confident in himself.

“Before my first sale, I had over 15 rejections, including from my closest friends. My wife was against me trying because to her, this was a scary situation of putting your trust in something unknown. I often quarrelled with my sister when she tried to teach me about QNET because she was younger than me and I didn’t think she could teach me anything. However, I learnt from my mistakes and learnt that they key to success is commitment. Even when you face rejections or push backs, just keep going!”

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Nurdaulet Uktemovich’s Advice To Young Direct Sellers

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“I come from a very ordinary family where my father couldn’t work due to health issues. My mother provided for us, but it was often not quite enough. My goal with joining QNET was to make sure my children wouldn’t face the difficulties that I faced while growing up. Whenever I experienced rejection or difficulties, I came home dejected. But looking at my children fired me up again. My uplines and my sister and cousin were always there to support me. They encouraged me and gave me advice when I needed it. They shared their own experiences with me, which helped me a lot,” said Sapphire Star Nurdaulet.

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He continued, “QNET taught me to set goals and achieve them. I achieved what I previously thought was impossible. I learned how to negotiate with people as well as how to work with them. These are skills that are very important when it comes to being a QNET Success Story. So my advice to new and potential direct sellers is this – be committed no matter what, believe in yourself, work with a team, and always be focussed on your business. Whatever you do, do not betray your goals and your dreams. And when you feel like you have done enough, do a little more. Everything is in YOUR hands!”


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