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Putting Mother Earth First: Causes to Support in 2022

Environmental Causes for 2022

For a brief while in early 2020, with most of us locked up at home, the sky did seem bluer and the trees greener. Unfortunately, that environmental utopia didn’t last. 

With resurgent wildfires and increasing pollution, the situation seems so much direr now. As such, not only has the United Nations initiated a detailed strategic plan to save the Earth, many organisations have also gotten on board with sustainable commitments of their own.

Sustainability has always been a key focus area for us here at QNET, of course. And we’ve launched numerous initiatives over the years for the betterment of our world.

But despite our efforts and the pledges of many others, at the end of the day, every individual must take responsibility for the planet.

If you think 2022 should be the year to start doing your part and making your voice heard, here are five worthy causes to get behind:

Reforestation and green conservation

Approximately 15 billion trees are chopped down every year. It’s an alarming rate, but fortunately, there’s a workable solution — reforestation, a process that seeks to restore our damaged and destroyed green treasures.

Nevertheless, while forests can help neutralise carbon emissions and are critical to biodiversity, replanting is not without its issues. Indeed, improper planning and planting can result in adverse effects on the land and surroundings.

This is why, if you’re looking to support reforestation efforts, it’s important to link up with groups that have the Earth’s best interest at heart.

QNET’s Green Legacy initiative with Ecomatcher, for example, is more than merely about planting 10,000 trees around the world by the end of 2022. Rather, it’s about ensuring that renewed forests can help sustain the planet for generations to come.

Cleaner electricity generation

Electricity is critical to modern life. Regrettably, most electricity in the world is being generated by problematic fossil fuels like coal and gas, driving up temperatures.

The solution, that many countries have already committed to, is to gradually phase out dirty fuels and switch to more sustainable energy sources. 

This is an awesome pledge. Yet those who’ve made it must be held accountable for implementing their promises. That’s where private individuals like you and me come in. 

Whether you choose to donate to clean energy non-profit organisations, support renewable energy projects or switch to more efficient power sources, there’s much you can do to support the clean energy cause. 

Reducing plastic waste

Many regions worldwide have upped the war on single-use plastics in the past few years.

Yet with news of more animals dying from ingesting plastic waste, this should be the year extra efforts are made to rid the Earth of this hazardous product.

With that in mind, you may want to support one of the numerous groups that are fighting to reduce plastic pollution and to become more aware of the current problems facing waste-reduction efforts.

For example, while recycling is definitely one way to reduce the mountains of trash, plastics are not all equal and some things — like coated wrapping paper and utensils with food residue — can’t be recycled. 

So be conscious of what you dispose of and how you do it. 

Improving water access

So much water is wasted on a daily basis that many of us may be shocked to find that roughly one in three people in the world have no access to safe and clean drinking water.

There are numerous reasons for this unfortunate situation, including poorly-run governments. 

Another main cause is climate change, which scientists say is only set to get worse and will result in more droughts in the coming years.

However, you could make a difference by supporting efforts to improve clean water access, like RYTHM Foundation’s joint project with the non-profit organisation Water for Africa.

Even just resolving to be more conscientious of your water use can make a huge difference.

Animal rights

Question: What do the Sumatran Rhino, Maui Dolphin and Chinese Pangolin have in common? Answer: They’re all on the brink of extinction!

As horrible as that fact is, even worse is the revelation by experts that this current period in the planet’s history is being marked by as many as 100,000 species extinctions yearly!

So how do we reverse the trend of things?

Well, the World Wide Fund for Nature works with numerous organisations and nations on efforts to preserve animal species. And you can help by raising awareness about the plight of the Earth’s creatures and joining conversations on animal rights.

You might also want to join the millions of millennials and zoomers who’ve resolved to remove meat from their diets. Why? Well, championing animal rights can ring hollow when one is still consuming meat.

In the end, making big changes in the world starts with little individual steps in the right direction. 



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