Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sapphire Star Madiyar Talgatovich Talks Success in Direct Selling with QNET

Madiyar Talgatovich is from the sunny city of Shymkent, Kazakhstan. He studied Criminology in the M. O. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, and later, worked as a waiter at a Japanese cuisine restaurant in Almaty. He discovered QNET through a close friend, and today, he is one of our Sapphire Stars and QNET success stories.

Discovering QNET

Sapphire Star Mukashev Madiyar Talgatovich 2

Madiyar came across QNET through a close friend, and he instantly realized the business opportunity in front of him. He knew that this business would greatly help him achieve his goals of becoming financially independent, buying his own apartment, and most importantly, helping his relatives and close friends achieve success. “I knew it was possible to rise in this business because I have seen people who have made it big and live comfortable lives.”

Overcoming Challenges

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Every successful entrepreneur has experienced failures and rejections in their journey, and so had Madiyar Talgatovich. “I faced 35 rejections in my first month, especially from the people closest to me. They did not believe in this field of business. I did not have any income in the first two months, but I continued believing in myself and pursued the business. I understood that there was no easy money in this business. I gave 100% of my effort and dedication to become financially independent.”

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Madiyar stayed motivated by the goals that he wanted to achieve. Despite initial thoughts of quitting, he knew that if the dream is big enough, that’s all that should matter.

How QNET Changed The Life Of Sapphire Star Madiyar Madiyar

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Now, Sapphire Star Madiyar’s life has changed for the better. “I learn something new every day. The hardest part was working on myself; my social circle changed and therefore I had to learn to communicate with people in a different way. I began to grow and started to travel more. Most importantly, I learned about this business, and I changed my financial situation: I closed my mortgage, bought a car, and helped my loved ones fulfil their dreams. QNET has helped me realise what I wanted in life.”

Advice For QNET Distributors

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Madiyar Talgatovich says, to be successful, you will need to dedicate yourself to this business and put in the working hours. Working 24/7 at the beginning will pay off. “To achieve great things, you need a clear plan and execute it without excuses. When I have the time, I communicate with my uplines on various topics so that I can learn new things from them, and it’s my way of building a strong relationship with my uplines. I’m grateful that my uplines have always supported me with their ideas and strategies in difficult times.”

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