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Short Film “I Promise” Resonates With QNET Distributors Worldwide

QNET I Promise Short Film (3)

QNET’s exclusive short film I Promise has been making waves and tugging at heartstrings worldwide. The ten-minute video speaks to so many of our shared fears, desires, and priorities that are now stronger than ever – especially after living through two years of a global pandemic. It follows a young woman’s journey – Hina Gupta – a young working professional from a middle-class family in small-town India, as she strives to meet her responsibilities towards her family and battles with challenges in keeping her promises to those she cares about.

Humble Beginnings

The web-exclusive short starts with Hina getting ready to go on stage. The event host introduces her as a leader and an inspiration. Hina waits in the green room backstage and she picks up a photograph and looks at it thoughtfully.  The photo shows her father holding her up as a child– an intimate look into her past. As she looks at the picture, she is taken back to a time before it all began…

The Struggle Is Real

Hina’s flashback shows her getting ready to go to work. She is excited because she is expecting the results of her annual appraisal today and is hoping to get a promotion. It seems that her employer was going through challenging times, perhaps as a result of the pandemic, and she had to take a pay cut. She is looking forward to earning her full salary again, and maybe getting recognised for her hard work through a well-deserved raise.

As she heads out of the house, her mother stops her to give her a sweet for good luck. Hina quickly gobbles it up and downs it with a gulp of water, only to find that the water tastes strange. Her mother explains that the entire neighbourhood is facing the same problem and feels they must get a water purifier. Hina promises her mother that she will get one soon. She is hoping that with the appraisal results due today, she will be able to afford a good purifier.

As she gets on her two-wheeler to ride to work, an older neighbour calls out to her and asks for her help to find someone who can supply clean drinking water to his home. Even as she is riding away, a younger neighbour reminds her to talk to her company about a job opening for him.

It becomes evident that not only does Hina’s family rely on her, her community looks to her for help and support.

Broken Promises

Hina is shown at work to be a hardworking and loyal employee. Someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty.  At the end of a long and tiring day, Hina finds out that the company is undertaking cost reduction and not only is she not getting that promotion, she will have to continue taking the pay cut. Hina is understandably upset, frustrated, and disillusioned.

She leaves the offices makes her way to the home of a mentor Saroj, an older woman who Hina looks up to. As she is parking her vehicle, her landlord calls her on the phone and reminds her that her rent is due. Since her company has not been paying her full salary, she has already been behind on the rent.   To make matters worse, the landlord tells her that he will also be raising the rent from the next month.

Hina feels helpless and discouraged. She had placed her faith in her company and worked hard to achieve her goals in the hope of being rewarded accordingly. But with the continued cutbacks and reduced pay and an increasing number of commitments to keep, Hina is struggling.

A Glimmer Of Hope

As Hina enters Saroj’s beautiful and large house, she finds her in a meeting with some people in her home office. Hina goes to the living room to wait for her and admires the lovely home and photos of Saroj from international events and holidays abroad.

When Saroj comes over finally, she realises immediately that Hina is troubled. Hina confides in her about the situation at work and the many promises she is struggling to keep. She is distressed that simply having good intentions is not enough to help her fulfil those promises.

Saroj, who has been a mentor to Hina for many years, tells her that the distance between making a promise and fulfilling it can be covered only through one thing – Courage.

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A Life Changing Opportunity

Saroj knows Hina very well and understands her situation. Saroj is also aware of Hina’s potential. Based on this knowledge, Saroj decides to share with Hina the direct selling business opportunity offered by QNET.

Hina is hesitant but curious. She spends the next few days learning about direct selling and researching QNET. Eventually, she decides that she is ready. Thus begins a new chapter in Hina’s journey of life.

Watch the video to learn what happens next!


Hina’s journey begins with a young woman’s struggles to keep her promises to those she cares about and how she channels her courage and passion to keep her word.

This story is inspired by the collective experiences of many QNET IRs. Every one of you has in some form experienced Hina’s struggles. You have all made promises to your family and your loved ones and often you wonder how you will keep those promises.

In the words of Saroj – “Courage”.

It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone. It takes courage to try something new when everything else has failed. It takes courage to stay strong in the face of challenges. It is this spirit that we admire and celebrate at QNET.

At QNET we have made a promise to all our IRs that we are here to be a partner in your journey to fulfilling your dreams. We promise to bring you great products and services to help you take charge of your life. We promise to support you through your entrepreneurial journey with the trainings and tools you need. We promise to give you a fantastic customer experience through all your touchpoints with QNET. We promise that we are here for you and will not let you down.

At QNET, we keep our promises.

What do you think of Hina’s story? Did you like the video? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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