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Wearing Your Heart On Your Wrist

Whatever you think of Valentine’s Day, there’s no denying the pure elation felt upon receiving a gift from your significant other.

Psychologists say getting presents doesn’t only give you a chemical high; it can also help strengthen relationship bonds.

Still, shopping for that special someone in your life can be nerve-wracking. After all, the gift you choose can’t be boring or too predictable. It has to be just right.

So, this Valentine’s, instead of the usual flowers, chocolates and promises, why not say “I love you” with an elegant timepiece?

Not too long ago, the feeling was that smartphones and smartwatches had rendered classic timepieces obsolete. But wristwatches have not only enjoyed a renaissance, they have come to be regarded as symbols of status.

Still not sure that a wristwatch would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

Here are five reasons to convince you:

Watches endure, roses and chocs don’t

Red roses, which symbolise love, are a favourite at this time of year. Unfortunately, regardless of how much you splurge on a bouquet — and prices always skyrocket closer to Valentine’s — the truth is that flowers, as gorgeous as they are, won’t last.

The same is true for chocolates; despite their yumminess and ability put you and your partner in the mood for romance.

That’s not the case, however, with an elegant timepiece.

Indeed, handcrafted steel wristwatches by premier watch marques like Bernhard H. Mayer are designed to endure for ages.

So why not opt for a gift that can be cherished for a long time instead of the disposable and, dare we say it, predictable flowers and candy?

They’re worth their weight in luxury

Nothing says love quite as exquisitely as jewellery; which is why diamonds have yet to be toppled from the top of many lists of Best Valentine’s Day Gifts.

That being said, luxe timepieces from haute horlogerie names can be just as exquisite. And their worth only increases when precious metals and gems are incorporated into designs — as in the case of Bernhard H. Mayer’s stunning Lurve Diamond Watch.

Encased in a rose gold case with 12 dazzling full-cut diamonds on the dial, the Lurve Diamond Watch exemplifies both class and opulence. It also says to your significant other: you’re worth it!

A constant reminder love

Speaking of statements, the gift of a watch says loud and clear that you have time for that special someone in your life and that they’re on your mind all the time.

Of course, watch connoisseurs tend to prefer having different watches for different events.

But rest assured that every time your timepiece gift is worn, it will serve to remind the wearer of your dedication to the relationship.

Incidentally, if you’re contemplating getting a watch for every occasion, consider a classic style with superior functionality.

Watches are timeless

Yes, we know. Touting the timelessness of a device that’s primary function is to tell time may seem like a joke. Yet what timeless means in this context is that good watches never go out of fashion.

Indeed, the best timepieces are often regarded as those that are designed to be aesthetically ageless.

Take the understated elegance of Bernhard H. Mayer’s Lurve Watch, for example, with its champagne sunray dial and rose gold indices.

Minimalist yet chic, the watch’s smooth curves display a soft sophistication that is contemporary in appeal yet also immediately classic. It’s also purposefully designed to complement — and indeed, accentuate — any outfit. What’s more, its champagne strap is made of vegan leather, making it the perfect way to show your love for that special someone and also the planet.  

Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

They’re personal

According to scientists, there’re a few basic rules when attempting to give the perfect gift. And chief among these is to think of the receiver and aim for a gift that is personal and sentimental.

Is your significant other more outdoorsy? Trendy? Graceful? What is their smile like? How do they laugh?

Half the fun in shopping for a wristwatch is in picking the perfect timepiece to suit your loved one’s tastes as well as personality.

In short, yes, a timepiece may not be as classic a gift as roses. But it’s every bit as meaningful.


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