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Sapphire Star Ashik BR On Finding Direct Selling Success As An Introvert

Sapphire Star Ashik BR is from Kerala, India, and has been with us for over seven years. Before QNET, he was an Assistant Professor at a prestigious Government Engineering College. Being sceptical about the direct selling concept, Sapphire Star Ashik BR didn’t think much about it. However, when he saw his own brother, Associate V Partner Nasib BR, achieve tremendous success, he felt confident enough to give the QNET Opportunity a chance. This is his direct selling success story.

First Impressions And Challenges

Sapphire Star Ashik BR QNET Success Story

Once Sapphire Star Ashik BR joined QNET, it took him three months to earn a cheque. It wasn’t until he attended a V-Convention that he started earning regularly. From that event, he learnt the importance of basics and about following the system properly. He learnt that there are no shortcuts, and understanding all of this helped him realise what a lucrative opportunity QNET was. As with every other direct seller just starting out, he faced a lot of rejections, even from his own family. This was quite a challenge in the beginning but he was determined to succeed.

Advice On Overcoming Challenges

Sapphire Star Ashik BR QNET Success Story 1

Being at QNET means that he learned a lot about how to be successful in direct selling. Personally, Sapphire Star Ashik learnt to confront his problems, instead of feeling sorry for himself and going on and on about it. He learnt to focus on solving problems rather than letting the problems define him. He also learnt the importance of having a mentor and role model to look up to. To him, his brother Associate V Partner Nasib was that person. Watching him go against the odds, overcome them, and succeed really boosted his drive to succeed.


Being An Introvert In The Direct Selling Industry

Sapphire Star Ashik BR QNET Success Story 1

Sapphire Star Ashik BR is an introvert, and so was used to keeping things to himself and trying to figure out solutions all by himself. “As I was an introvert, and reluctant to learn the basics of the business in the beginning, I faced severe rejections. I was a little too eager and attempted to do the business on my own. Without adequate knowledge and the right support, I was unable to turn rejections into resources. It ended up pulling me down. Then, I attended a V-Convention and had my eyes opened. I began to do things properly with the support of my upline, Saju S Nair.”


At QNET, he learnt how to be okay with reaching out for help when he needed it. He learned how to listen to other people’s life lessons and translate that to his own life. He also learnt how to deal with people and create strong partnerships. Even if you are an introvert, QNET creates a family atmosphere where you can be fully yourself and learn the skills you need to be a success in a people-oriented business opportunity.

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Sapphire Star Ashik BR QNET Success Story 4

Initially, there were many times when Sapphire Star Ashik BR felt like giving up. During those times, he thought about the commitment he had made to the people who trusted him on the journey. He remembered his sense of responsibility that he had towards those people. When he saw how QNET reacted to any problems and controversies, it encouraged him to keep going and to keep trying. Understanding QNET’s core values and backing it 100% helped him persevere.

“My confidence was boosted by QNET’s efficient management of a major problem I faced in my market. My mentor V Council Member Ranjith’s reassurance, and the support he provided me by visiting me reinforced this. The way my brother Associate V Partner Nasib deals with even the toughest odds has always inspired me to face any obstacle and look forward to the future. I know I have my brother by my side that gives me the courage to go through life with ease and ensures that I always move forward,” said Sapphire Star Ashik BR.


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Motivating Yourself Into Success

Sapphire Star Ashik BR QNET Success Story 7

Sapphire Star Ashik BR is self-aware and knows his strengths and weakness. This helps him motivate himself and helps him on his path to success. He believes that he is capable of lifting himself up from under any challenges he faces. He knows that he can succeed by being organised, systematic and disciplined. Even after a defeat, he feels optimistic that he can and he will bounce back stronger than ever. He is motivated by the fact that there are many people in the QNET family who has his back and who look up to him as well. Having promises to keep helps motivate him to keep going.

Advice on Being A QNET Achiever

Sapphire Star Ashik BR QNET Success Story 5

Being a big part of the QNET Achievers’ Club, and a big believer in Rank Advancement, Sapphire Star Ashik BR strongly recommends and promotes Rank Advancement in all his meetings with his team. Recognition of achievement in the QNET network helps convey the importance of the ranking system to his team and prospects. He believes that it is crucial for building strong leadership and guiding teams to success.

Sapphire Star Ashik BR QNET Success Story 6

Sapphire Star Ashik BR has some very good advice about this for QNET direct sellers. “QNET’s Rank Advancement system is actually designed to help us grow together, and to help our teammates. If I am focussed on maintaining and increasing my star rank, then I am ensuring that my teammates are successful as well. By achieving a rank in QNET, you are also unlocking a better lifestyle. So, my advice to help you become a QNET Achiever is simple. Keep your focus on your targets while increasing your effort incrementally. Clearly set daily and weekly targets, and work to accomplish your goals. Focus on achieving those goals and give them your undivided attention. This is what has helped me grow, and make my teammates successful.”


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Sapphire Star Ashik BR wants to lead all the members of his team to success as soon as possible. “My actions determine whatever I achieve. As a result, you will be rewarded in spades for your good deeds. Keep your authentic self at all times and concentrate on what you can control – that is the philosophy I live by.” 

If there’s one thing to learn from the success story of Sapphire Star Ashik BR, it’s that YOU are capable of great success, whether you are an introvert or not – whatever your background.  Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family and leave us a comment below.


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