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Sapphire Star Gireesh Pushparajan Shares How QNET Changed His Life


Gireesh Pushparajan hails from a small town in Kerala, India, where he worked for a major airline as a cargo handling assistant for nearly nine years. While at this job, he started his journey in QNET and did the business part-time. Now, he is nearing his sixth year with QNET, and is one of our Sapphire Stars in the QNET Achievers’ Club. Read about his inspiring journey here.

Discovering QNET

Gireesh had discovered QNET through a friend. He recalls that moment as one of the most challenging periods in his life.

“I was in a situation where it didn’t seem like I had any other options or avenues to earn more money. The salary that I was receiving wasn’t enough to cover some of my most important expenses such as my loans and credit cards. When I got to know about QNET, I just had to try whatever came my way to survive. Looking back, that moment was the best thing that has happened in my life.”

Overcoming Challenges

Gireesh Pushparajan said that he only managed to earn his first cheque four months after joining the business. “As I mentioned earlier, I was at one of my lowest points in life when I joined QNET. At my job, I felt like I was doing the work for free as the salary could not match even my most basic monthly expenses. And since the people in my circle knew that I was going through a tough time, no one wanted to associate themselves with me while I was building my QNET business. I had to reach out to people who were out of my circle to present the business opportunity.”

According to Gireesh, the people who joined the business with him at the beginning weren’t the closest to him, but they became his partners. He described this as one of the greatest lessons he has learnt in this journey.

“Later on, the other big challenge I faced was resigning from my job at the airline. I was inspired by many of the other great achievers in QNET who took the risk of leaving their jobs to pursue this business as full-time entrepreneurs. I remember the days when I struggled with no food and sleeping in mosques, but I never regretted that decision. That pressure pushed me as a networker, and I knew all those hardships were part of a master plan.”

Life In QNET

Gireesh said one of the most noticeable changes in him after joining QNET was his character. “I started to have more empathy towards others, I learnt to quell my ego, and be supportive and appreciative of other people and their achievements. I became more sociable, and I started to realise that love and care aren’t just for my family, but it extends to the people who have been there throughout my journey.”

Gireesh had initially considered quitting the business, but his uplines, Saranya Arun and Arun Ashokan, guided him back and advised him further on financial planning.

Becoming An Achiever

Sapphire Star Gireesh Pushparajan says that becoming an achiever isn’t a one-day process. It’s a combination of several factors such as building the network one step at a time that will eventually form a team, and spending time with your team and your uplines to build a good relationship with each other.

Another important lesson that Girish Pushparajan has learnt is setting a good foundation for the team, as he believes that the culture that he wants tomorrow is the culture that he needs to create today. He has been inspired by his uplines to continue advancing ranks as it’s one of the most important success factors in building a business in direct selling.

“I promote rank advancement within my team as it is also beneficial for their individual growth and this shows that they are serious about building the business.”

When asked about what philosophy Gireesh Pushparajan lives by, he says, “Don’t worry about making perfect results as that’s not in our hands. Always focus on delivering your best results. My next goal is to become a V Council and I would like to carry out more RYTHM activities and create more awareness around the locals about the QNET business opportunity.”


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  1. Infact I just discovered Qnet in Ghana and signed up, am from a poor family and I sold my motto bike to sign up


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