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Highlights From Our Ramadan 2022 RYTHM Activities Worldwide

QNET Ramadan 2022 RYTHM Activities

Ramadan 2022 was a triumph as QNET continued to honour our traditions by spreading the values of RYTHM. The holy month saw a spate of activities in partnerships with NGOs and non-profits worldwide, spreading love and peace with the most vulnerable and underserved communities. With communities still recovering from the global pandemic that has been around for over two years, Ramadan 2022 seemed the perfect opportunity to show support. We spread the joy of Eid and the holy season with the help of our amazing IRs worldwide, as well as our dedicated staff. Here are our biggest highlights from the month-long activities.

Sharing Happiness In The Middle East & North Africa

QNET organised iftars and donated essential items in communities all across the Middle East & North Africa as part of our Ramadan 2022 activities.

In partnership with SOS Children’s Village in Algeria, QNET organised an iftar dinner followed by a much-needed evening filled with entertainment and laughter.

A hundred financially vulnerable families in Morocco were given prepaid cards allowing them to connect with their families and loved ones, as well as pay for essential services during the holy month.

In partnership with SERGAS in the United Arab Emirates, QNET organised a Ramadan 2022 suhoor event at the SERGAS labour camp in Sharjah. Inspired by the UAE Government’s ‘1 Billion Meals Initiative’, QNET provided food for 150 labourers as well as organised a light-hearted and entertaining competition with a chance to win prizes.

Iftar meals were also organised for communities in need across Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabi, Qatar and Iraq.

Warming The Hearts Of Communities In Asia

With the help of the Turkey-based World Human Relief (WHR) non-profit, QNET donated essential food and groceries to over 200 financially vulnerable families.

Ramadan 2022 events in Kazakhstan were organised at a children’s home in Nur-Sultan. QNET IRs, the local city hall staff and QNET employees surprised the children with a newly installed outdoor playground. The children were also treated to a trip to the local theatre and a tea party.


QNET spread hope to the children of Muhammadiyah Putat and Baitul Hijarah orphanages in Indonesia by treating them to a day at the Kidzania Surabaya’s educational interactive playgrounds for Ramadan 2022.

Spreading The Ramadan Spirit In Sub-Saharan Africa


QNET donated food and toiletry supplies in Tanzania. This is on top of providing financial support to the Mazizini Orphanage in Zanzibar, and the Chakuwama Orphanage in Dar Es Salam.


In Nigeria, QNET’s Ramadan 2022 activities included donating food and essentials to Door of Peace orphanage, an centre that has housed vulnerable Muslim families since 1990.

An iftar dinner was hosted at a local hospital in Ghana, with the help of QNET employees and IRs. It was an evening of shared food, a sense of community and lots of laughter that ended with a generous donation of essential pantry items for the hospital.

Ivory Coast

Working with a local mosque in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, QNET organised an iftar for numerous households after the evening prayers.

“We believe that for positive change to occur, it starts with us,” said QNET CEO Malou Caluza “We are fortunate to be in a position to provide support to those who need a helping hand. We believe we have a duty to help those who are struggling to get back on their feet or are in vulnerable positions, due to the systemic inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic. We’re grateful for the opportunity, no matter how small, to give back to our communities and build a safer, more inclusive Ramadan.”


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