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Ace It! Five Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Galatasaray Women’s Volleyball Team

QNET Sports Partners Galatasaray Women's Volleyball

Women’s volleyball has been growing in popularity all across the globe. And in Turkey, over the past two decades, the recognition has been especially remarkable.

One reason for this is the triumphs of the national team on the global stage. But the victories of pro clubs like the Galatasaray Women’s Volleyball Team have played their part too, with the greater result being that thousands of Turkish girls now view volleyball as a viable path to achieving their dreams!

QNET’s Partnership with Galatasaray Women’s Volleyball Team

At QNET, we have constantly worked towards shining a spotlight on women athletes and the empowerment of women and girls through sports. So we are truly honoured to partner with Galatasaray to take the women’s game even further.

And as we chart this course — with the QNET logo prominently featured on the backs of Galatasaray players’ jerseys — we recognise that there are many parallels one can draw between the sport of volleyball and entrepreneurship.

Here’s a look at five important things entrepreneurs and direct sellers can learn from volleyball.

1. Be present

In certain team sports — Test cricket, for example — players can bide their time and strategise before making a move. That’s not the case with volleyball.

Here, the action is fast-paced. That means players need to be present at all times.

The concept of “being present“, which has its roots in psychology, simply means to be focused both physically and mentally on the situation at hand. It also demands a keen sense of awareness and being totally absorbed.

In business, this entails not being distracted by the myriad of external concerns and concentrating 100% on your goals and targets.

Have you gone through the motions of the workday and not been satisfied at the end of it? Take a step back and remember that success only comes to those who give it their all.

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate

In volleyball, you have only three attempts to get the ball over the net. Plus, points can so easily be lost when players either don’t alert each other of tricky situations or take responsibility themselves.

All this makes communication among teammates super critical!

Similarly, how’s the communication with and among your teammates at work? Are all members aware of your plans, or know what each is supposed to do?

To work towards victory, it’s vital everyone is on the same page. This is especially important, too, when dealing with customers, where you rarely get second (or third) chances to get the ball over and make it count.

3. Get back up … quickly

The diving dig — a move where one dives to prevent the ball from hitting the ground — typifies just how committed the best players are to their teams.

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It also shows how players have got to pick themselves up off the court quickly, whether or not the save worked. Why? Because there’s much to do!

Yes, dusting yourself off and putting aside bruised egos to go again in business after a mighty tumble or a failed gamble, isn’t easy.

But when you’re a part of a team, especially if you’re a leader, it’s incumbent on you to get back up. Besides, the next dig may just set you and your team up for glory.

4. No one gets ahead until everyone gets ahead

The libero in volleyball is, arguably, the MVP of the team. That’s signified by the fact they wear different coloured jerseys and can enter and exit a game as needed.

Essentially, the libero is seen as a defensive position. However, her or his first touch is vital in dictating how the side will play.

Still, as necessary as the libero is, there are many things she/he can’t do. That’s where the other players come in.

The lesson here for entrepreneurs is to recognise that while you may have a unique, even more important, role, you are still limited without your team. So make sure you give them the props they deserve.

5. Be agile and flexible

One unique thing about volleyball is that positions tend to rotate during the match.

This provides a unique opportunity for everyone to take charge. It also means teams have to be agile.

We often hear the words “agility” and “flexibility” bandied about. But what do they truly mean?

For the best teams, in both volleyball and business, being agile translates to having a game plan while knowing when to change things up. In a nutshell, don’t be static!

Can you rotate tasks? Can different team members lead? The key is to adapt to situations and people, and you’ll start seeing massive rewards — both on the court and in the workplace.




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