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QNET Solidifies Green Legacy On World Environment Day 2022

QNET celebrated World Environment Day 2022 last week by doubling down on our efforts to build a life-changing QNET Green Legacy around the world. Sustainability is at the core of what we do at QNET and World Environment Day 2022 was the perfect opportunity to prove our dedication. Here’s what we did to celebrate the occasion and details on how you can join us in our campaign to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind through our mother Earth.

QNET Plants 2000 Mangrove Trees For World Environment Day 2022

In partnership with RYTHM Foundation and the Indonesian National Armed Forces, QNET planted 2000 mangrove trees in Bali on the occasion of World Environment Day 2022. Mangrove forests are essential to coastal protection and to help combat climate change. By planting these trees, QNET directly contributed towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 14 that includes sustainable marine and coastal management.

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“QNET takes the view that mangrove forests have an important role, not only to prevent abrasion, but to protect these mangrove forests as they serve as the habitat of several species of birds, crabs, and marine animals. Protecting mangrove forests serves much more than ecological value too, as mangrove forests can become tourist areas and provide job opportunities to locals. We uphold sustainable values in our people and operations and are thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate on this project, ” said QNET Indonesia General Manager Ganang Rindarko.

The Mangrove Planting Activity for World Environment Day 2022 is just one of our many Green Legacy activities around the world.  We had also teamed up with FEED Philippines to help reach their goal of reforesting 9000 hectares of indigenous forests.

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Most recently, employees and IRs from QNET Algeria and Morocco organised two conservation-related activities. In Algeria, the staff joined a reforestation exercise in the northern region to rehabilitate part of a forest destroyed by wildfires last summer. In Morocco, a workshop for rural children in Casablanca taught them the importance of preserving precious water resources.

You can read about all our QNET Green Legacy projects here.

Tips For Living An Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Life

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Celebrating our World shouldn’t be a once a year thing. That’s why, RYTHM Foundation has put together a list of practices you can start today that will help build a more sustainable tomorrow. From reducing plastic consumption to conserving energy, you can read all the sustainability tips here

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Celebrate World Environment Day 2022 With Our #HouseplantSelfieChallenge

To raise awareness and create a green family among our QNET distributors, we’ve organised a #HouseplantSelfieChallenge for you to participate in. To submit and maybe even win, just follow these steps. Remember, there are THREE HomePure Zayn 5-stage air purification systems up for grabs.

1.   Take photos of videos of yourself with your favourite plants

2.   Post them on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #houseplantselfiechallenge

3.   Tag and challenge 2 friends.

The best three submissions will win. Challenge ends on 30th June 2022 so hurry now!

As we celebrate World Environment Day this year, let’s remember to think every day about the planet and the legacy we’re leaving behind for the next generation. Join us in making sustainable living the default life option.

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