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Introducing QNET FinGreen – An Empowering Financial Literacy Programme For Women And Youth


We are thrilled to announce the launch of QNET FinGreen, our financial literacy programme designed especially for women and youth of vulnerable communities in emerging economies. Rolling out the pilot for QNET FinGreen in Turkey and Nigeria, the programme seeks to empower individuals with healthy financial habits and know-how.

The Importance Of Financial Literacy

According to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), financial literacy is seen as playing a key role in multiple areas – including Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG8), Reduced Inequalities (SDG10). It’s safe to say that adequate financial education will not only empower the individual at a personal level, but also support the overall community with social security, equal opportunities and so much more.  

“Financial literacy is a key skill for individuals, especially the youth. Higher mobile phone penetration and earlier adoption of technological services mean that the younger generation is likely to be exposed to more financial products compared to their parents. They have access to banking facilities, payment platforms, and financial services at an earlier age. Developing their skills and equipping them with proper financial understanding will give youth the tools they need to make savvy and informed decisions regarding their finances, such as managing their savings or planning their budget responsibly,” said QNET CEO Malou Caluza.

What is QNET FinGreen?

First conceived in 2021, QNET FinGreen aligns with United Nations’ Addis Ababa Action Agenda to provide adequate skills and training for all. By working with marginalised communities around the world but especially in emerging economies, we can aim to reduce poverty through equipping budding entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and confidence to thrive.

QNET FinGreen will work based on the following three pillars:

1.     Assess

QNET FinGreen will collaborate with local experts and partners to assess who, where and how best to implement our training sessions. This includes running surveys throughout the programme duration to see how effective it is and address any issues that pop up along the way.

2.     Train

Vetted trainers will conduct short sessions face to face or online with plenty of room for conversations and discussions. This format works best for youth and women from marginalised communities who don’t have the time or resources to do longer courses.

3.     Advocate

In the long run, QNET FinGreen hopes to create a pool of mentors who are available to their peers and community on financial literacy and creating healthy financial habits. We hope that through the programme, we create a sustainable model that has long-lasting effects on the community.  

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Our QNET FinGreen Programmes So Far

We have kicked off our QNET FinGreen Financial Literacy programmes in Turkey so far, with lessons in Nigeria starting in July, and plans to go global in the next phase. Speaking about QNET FinGreen, QNET CEO Malou Caluza said, “As a business that is focused on developing micro-entrepreneurs, we understand that financial independence starts with education and inclusion. Through our FinGreen programme, we strive to help young people and women learn the skills, habits, and attitude to make informed financial decisions, online and offline.”

QNET FinGreen In Turkey

Our first QNET FinGreen training session was hosted online in May with 45 women from economically challenged backgrounds attending. The session included topics such as budget management, basic investment skills, and managing personal finances responsibly. The first video is also now available on QNET Turkey’s YouTube Channel.

“It is widely accepted that better and relevant financial inclusion initiatives can foster reduced gender inequalities. Women who have access to bank accounts, savings mechanisms, and other financial services may be better able to control their earnings and undertake personal and productive expenditures. In fact, numerous studies posit that improved access to financial services for women could also prove to be the key to unlock the potential for their micro and small enterprises to grow,” explained QNET CEO Malou Caluza.

QNET FinGreen In Nigeria

In Nigeria, QNET FinGreen will partner with Financial Literacy For All (FLFA) to provide on-the-ground financial training workshops for students and youth in underserved communities. Hoping to help them lead a stable, productive and fulfilling life, the sessions will impart critical financial management skills and entrepreneurial skills to increase their employability.

QNET FinGreen is a big nod to the values of RYTHM in whatever projects we undertake. Through the programme, we hope that women and youth from all our global communities will learn the basics of personal finance and build a solid foundation for their future financial growth and stability.




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