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Sip by Sip: Why Clean Water Is Essential For Staying Hydrated

Water is crucial to human survival. While most scientists agree that one could probably go for weeks without food, that’s not so with water.

Sure, most of us know the importance of staying hydrated, and numerous initiatives, including those by the RYTHM Foundation, strive to bring clean water to at-risk communities. Yet, the stats reveal that most adults don’t take drinking water seriously enough. 

But we really should!

The truth about hydration

Up to 60% of the human body is water, which serves a myriad of functions, from lubricating joints to transporting nutrients, flushing out harmful toxins and keeping skin bright and radiant. 

As such, losing even a small amount of water can result in a whole load of problems. What’s most worrying is that folks don’t even realise they’re dehydrated at times.

Do you know how most of us reach for a drink when we’re thirsty? Well, thirst is certainly one way the body lets us know it needs water. However, nutritionists say hunger pangs can also indicate dehydration. Same with headaches and fatigue.

True, you don’t actually need eight glasses of water a day. But what we definitely should be doing is paying more attention to our bodies, looking for signs of dehydration and increasing or reducing fluid intake depending on physical activity.

But not all drinking water is safe

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Most countries’ water protection agencies have strict health and safety standards, which generally implies that the drinking H20 flowing from taps is safe to consume. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the water’s free of contaminants, especially in developing countries.

In fact, there are so many ways water can get contaminated in its journey from the river to treatment plant to tap, bringing with it the threat of waterborne diseases and bacteria. This is why it’s necessary to filter the water we consume.

There are many water filtration systems in the market to choose from, and the fact is, it can be confusing picking the ideal one for your home. What you want is a system that doesn’t just claim to be effective but one that’s actually been tested and certified by reputable quality control bodies.

The HomePure Nova, for example, has received the seal of approval from public health and safety organisations NSF International and the United States’ Water Quality Association; both of which confirm the system’s ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and toxins from tap water.

Ideally, also look for a water purifier that enriches water with minerals to aid better hydration, something the revolutionary nine-stage HomePure Nova does.

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Staying hydrated need not be difficult

It’s true, we’re all busy. And ensuring you’re drinking enough can sometimes be hard. The good news is that there are simple ways to ensure your body stays healthy and gets the fluids it needs.

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Here are five smart and effective tips for staying hydrated:

1. Sip on clean, filtered water even when you aren’t thirsty 

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— Try drinking, especially as soon as you wake, and before meals. If you’re fasting, however, ensure you’re sipping throughout the non-fasting hours.

2. Monitor the weather

— Some days are hotter than others, so pay attention to how the climate’s treating your body. Also, make sure to drink more if you’re physically active such as if you’re working out or on the move to meet clients.

3. Watch your food intake 

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— Too much spice and salt can increase the need for water, so make sure you’re drinking enough with these foods.

4. Replace your current drink intake with water 

— Sure, you can still have that morning cup of joe. But try swapping the other drinks for water. Flavouring water with a slice or two of fresh fruit can help if you want a bit more variety in taste.

5. Set reminders on your phone 

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— And try to ensure you have a water bottle handy that’s loaded with clean, filtered water for when that alarm beeps.

Yes, clean water may not be the magic bullet to miraculously cure all ills. But staying hydrated certainly plays an important part in human health. So drink up!


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