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Don’t Hulk Out: How To Manage Anger For A Happier, More Productive You

This month, a sensational superhero makes her debut in a brand new TV series. And going by the buzz so far, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law promises to be a smash!

Now, in case you aren’t already well-acquainted with the Marvel character, what you need to know is that She-Hulk is the alter-ego of Jennifer Walters, a talented lawyer who gets transformed into an angry 6-foot-7-inch green giant thanks to her cousin Bruce Banner a.k.a. The Hulk’s blood.

This means she’s massively strong and feared by bad guys. Yet, what’s also important to note is that She-Hulk is funny, charming, confident and has better control of her emotions than most other gamma radiation-powered heroes and villains.

But how does Shulkie keep a handle on things and ensure excellent mental health? Here are a few She-Hulk traits we can all be inspired by:

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She doesn’t sweat the small stuff

First things first, Jen can get angry, and you really wouldn’t like her when she’s angry!

But for the most part, she doesn’t let angst and rage rule her, allowing her to effectively and efficiently problem-solve when issues crop up.

Granted, fighting supervillains isn’t quite like running a business. But Shulkie’s anger management skills and overall attitude are something entrepreneurs would do well to emulate.


Yes, you’re the boss of your own business, which means the highs and lows will affect you personally. So it is important not to obsess over problems you can’t do anything about. Instead, always strive to keep your emotions in check.

She maintains her sense of humour in tough situations

Control of her rage aside, another thing that separates She-Hulk from cousin Brucie is that she enjoys a good laugh. Indeed, she’s known among comic book fans for often breaking the fourth wall and frequently throwing in a joke or two, even when in trouble.


Does this mean business owners should always be ready with quips, even in the worst times? No. But it does mean that instead of getting angry, you should try to look on the bright side of life.

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Entrepreneurship can be challenging, no doubt. But maintaining your sense of humour through tough times can improve your mental and physical health. It can even make you a better leader.

She forges formidable and strategic partnerships

Shulkie’s so strong she can do most things on her own. But as tough as she is, the sensational superhero knows that working with and in a team is the best way to avoid burnout and frustration. This, of course, explains her membership, at various times, of the Avengers, A-Force, S.M.A.S.H. and even the Fantastic Four.

The lesson here is that the right partnerships and collaborations ensure better success and peace of mind too!


Granted, the nature of direct selling means that it’s you who’s responsible for your success. Yet what’s also crucial for everyone, newbies and superstars alike, to remember is that teamwork encourages knowledge sharing and learning, and helps to reduce stress significantly.

She invests in herself

Like with every other business, success in direct selling requires passion and dedication. But while you’re focused on building your business, it’s also necessary to take the time out to shake off tension and worry, and focus on yourself; especially on your mental and physical well-being.

Don’t think you can take a break when so many things demand your attention? Well, just look at the big green sassy machine.

Jen/She-Hulk may not be an entrepreneur, but she does have two super demanding jobs — protecting the world from evil and fighting for justice in the courtroom. Yet, she’s not above checking out to focus on herself and her relationships.

One of the best things about direct selling is the flexibility it affords entrepreneurs. So make use of that and remember, your health is as important as your business’s.

After all, if it works for She-Hulk, it could work for you!


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