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24 Years of QNET, 24 Years of Inspiring Success

September, being our birthday month, always reminds us how far QNET has come in two decades.

As we celebrate our QNET Anniversary, with all the years of excellence and the numerous defining moments, we acknowledge that it’s the many, many superstars around the globe who’ve contributed to our astounding triumphs and helped us become the leading direct selling company.

So in honour of their contributions, here are 24 inspiring quotes from several QNET megastars — and a few other beloved personalities you’ll surely recognise! — to commemorate the 24th QNET anniversary and inspire you on your entrepreneurship journey.

On the motivation to succeed

Whether direct selling is your primary source of income or a side hustle, it’s always important to remember your reasons for becoming an entrepreneur and to ensure that they motivate and spur you on to success, like these QNET superstars. 

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“One day, someone called me an irresponsible mum… simply because I made a ‘crazy’ decision to not go for employment, but instead to look for a way to provide for my children while at the same time doing that from home so that I could have the flexibility of time … I proved her wrong, and I proved myself right.” V Partner Donna Imson Lecaroz

“I was in a situation where it didn’t seem like I had any other options or avenues to earn more money. The salary that I was receiving wasn’t enough to cover some of my most important expenses, such as my loans and credit cards. When I got to know about QNET, I just had to try whatever came my way to survive. Looking back, that moment was the best thing that has happened in my life.”Sapphire Star Gireesh Pushparajan 

QNET Anniversary

“My upline told me, ‘Fofana Amaral, nothing great in life comes easy — you must first pay the price’… Once he told me that, I started to see challenges as the price for success. And, instead of being down, I became more motivated!” Diamond Star and Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral

“I wanted to become financially independent. I wanted something of my own… I wanted to help my family as much as possible, and I wanted to make sure that my loved ones did not need anything that I couldn’t give them.” Sapphire Star Alishpayeva Armanovna

QNET Anniversary Associate V Partner Tri Hartono (2)

“I really wanted to change my life. I was sick and tired of being poor… Everything changed when I attended my first QNET business presentation. My mind was opened and I learned how direct selling works. Most importantly, I learned how to dream!” — Associate V Partner Tri Hartono

“I was a student and lived in a small rented room and couldn’t afford to go shopping or even dream of owning a car or going on a vacation. I was merely existing… All I wanted was to earn enough money for a living. With QNET, I started to hope for a better life; I believed in myself and worked towards a better life for my family and myself.”Platinum Star and V Council Member Baurzhan Uali

On overcoming disappointment and setbacks

The road to entrepreneurship success isn’t easy. Yet challenges, when viewed positively and with the right attitude, can make us better. More importantly, there are very few hurdles in business that can’t be overcome.

QNET Anniversary 24 DSVE

“Never give up whatever the odds. Never give in, whatever the temptations. There is a way. It may not be your way, but it’s better than no way.” — QNET Founder Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran 

“I never faced a challenge, I only passed my exams. Every problem I faced, I saw it as an exam, and I figured out the solutions for it.”Associate V Partner Brijesh Yadav

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“Don’t listen to the world. Listen to your belief system. And you will rock it. All you need to do is create your own benchmarks.” — Chief Pathman Senathirajah

“The biggest challenge is to change your thinking and mindset. If you have patience and perseverance, everything is possible.”Zhanat Orazakhmetova

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“People said yes, people said no … It was a big package of rejections. (Even) my best friend said no to me. But that was their choice. I didn’t stop. I moved on.” Associate V Partner Shipra

QNET Achievers Club V Partner Sharfun Shaikh

“When I say never give up, a lot of people think that it means holding onto something, but it’s actually about moving ahead towards something.” — V Partner Sharfun Shaikh

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On growing beyond expectations

Millions of people have taken up the QNET business opportunity over the years seeking financial independence and flexibility. What many never anticipated, though, is that they would grow in ways they’d never imagined.

“(At QNET) women can find and build their own identity, learn to think bigger, dream higher, and are trained to strive to be the best they can be.”Associate V Partner Yashu Tyagi

QNET CEO Malou Caluza

“Glass ceilings are there to not only be reached but also broken through. QNET has given and continues to give me amazing opportunities, even when I’ve thought I’d done everything there is to do.” — QNET CEO Malou Caluza

“QNET changed and developed my attitude, my behaviour, and also helped me to learn leadership skills so that I can lead and guide my team to success.”Diamond Star and V Council Member Mohanad Al Jaraki

QNET Anniversary

“Everything has changed — my lifestyle, my mindset, my way of thinking. I have become a person who is fearless and who dares to dream.” — Diamond Star and V Council Member Midhulaj Paramba

“It’s not important what I’ve got from this business. What I have become in this journey as a person is more valuable than what I got. This business has changed me as a person … the situations, the challenges, the issues, all these made me learn how to be detached, how to not give up on people, how not to become complacent, how to start the journey again and again in new markets …”V Partner Sachin Gupta

Since I started my journey with QNET, the way I think, the way I dream, my confidence, my love for my family and loved ones have changed. I started thinking more about how to help others and to put my team first above myself. I became a lifelong learner and seeker.” — Diamond Star Raghu Maurya Reddy

On success extending beyond monetary rewards

Financial gains aren’t everything at QNET. Rather, they’re a means to empower others. It’s about lending one’s support to team members as well the those who are less privileged and fortunate. In short, it’s about embodying the spirit of RYTHM, or Raising Yourself To Help Mankind.  

“Money can buy you many luxuries, but after a while, it will stop motivating you. What makes the journey exciting is sharing these emotions with the people around you.” Platinum Star and Associate V Partner Nasib BR

“On your way to success, don’t forget, humility is always key.” QI Group Director of International Operations JR Mayer

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“There is a golden thread that connects all of us, and that is love. Love is the common principle of human values.”RYTHM Foundation Chairperson Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran

QNET Anniversary JTB

“Every day must be a training day. You cannot sit in your comfort zone because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”QNET Co-Founder Joseph Bismark

“Your success depends on the success of others. When you enable someone else to earn a living like yourself, you have succeeded.”Sapphire Star and V Elite Leader Ouattara Lassina

Platinum Star Houffoue Yao Hyacinthe Success Story QNET

“We cannot be selfish in direct selling. If you want to succeed in this journey and advance to a higher rank, you need to help raise your downlines along with you…”Platinum Star Houffoue Yao Hyacinthe

An anniversary marks not only an occasion to celebrate achievements but also a time to re-align goals and resolve to move forward. The inspirational lessons above, thus, will put us in good stead as we work towards the next QNET anniversary, the silver jubilee in 2023.


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