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Lessons from Sports: What QNET Sports Partners Have Taught Us

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Successful partnerships are built on a shared vision, and in the case of QNET sports partners, that fact has always been true.

Indeed, as QNET celebrates its 24th anniversary this month, we recognise how similar values have secured so many triumphs for QNET and our associates, be it in the English Premier League and Formula 1 or in tennis, volleyball, or even field hockey.

Of course, entrepreneurship and sports have many parallels, which is why QNET has always supported and endorsed sporting talent around the globe. 

Yet, what’s also important to note is that our partnerships have presented us with numerous learning opportunities over the years too.

Here are a few of those lessons, courtesy of these QNET sports partners, past and present.   

1. Success is never guaranteed

WIMBLEDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 05: Manchester City Women celebrate with the Continental cup trophy following victory in action during the FA Women’s Continental Tyres League cup final match between Chelsea women and Manchester City women at The Cherry Red Records Stadium on March 5, 2022 in Wimbledon, England. (Photo by Lynne Cameron – Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images)

There are few football clubs in world football as successful as Manchester City. Yet despite the astounding triumphs of both its men’s and women’s sides, every season is approached anew, with new goals and targets. Part of the reason for this is down to City’s players, coaches and officials, who believe that success entails constantly aiming for greater heights, regardless of previous accolades. Like in business, the idea here is the same: victory means not resting on one’s laurels.

2. Look within and ahead, not at your rivals

Martina Hingis Serves at #VUAE15

It’s a given that triumph requires commitment. Yet, taekwondo champ Cheick Cisse and tennis legend Martina Hingis, two former QNET brand ambassadors, have taught us that it’s just as important to set personal goals by focusing on self-improvement instead of what’s being done by colleagues and rivals. Granted, healthy competition helps us be better. But whether one is on a taekwondo mat, on centre court at Wimbledon, or chasing sales targets, aiming to better ourselves is the true test of champions.

3. Stick to your principles

Unlike other teams in the Malaysian Super League, QNET’s PJ City FC doesn’t rely on big-money foreign footballers. Instead, the side has stuck to its principles and focussed on fielding and developing local talent. The result of this decision has not always made winning easy, true. Yet the club is unwavering in its belief that true success is not just about scoring goals and bagging trophies but rather about empowering others and doing what’s right.

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4. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’

While the Galatasaray Women’s Volleyball Team is packed with stars, its successes over these past few years have been marked not by individual achievements but by collective team efforts. This is not dissimilar to QNET’s triumphs in direct selling. Sure, there are countless accounts of individual QNET superstars scoring stellar victories. Nevertheless, as Independent Representatives (IRs) are constantly reminded, no one succeeds until we all succeed. 

5. Challenges make you better

Success in sports, like in direct selling, is not easy. And unexpected setbacks can make the going even tougher. Nevertheless, we have learned from our brand ambassadors, racer Chetan Korada and climber Arunima Sinha that with the right attitude, even challenges that require the use of prosthetics can help spur one on to greatness. The duo proves that challenges and even disability need not limit one, be it in business, motorsports or when scaling a mountain.

6. Slow and steady wins the race

No one wins all the time, and the best sports sides and athletes know that triumph isn’t measured by solitary victories here and there but rather by a solid foundation and steady gains. In fact, this has been the Malaysian Hockey Confederation‘s approach in overseeing the blossoming of the national hockey team from a period of uncertainty to its current position as world beaters. The lesson here, thus, is not to focus on quick gains but on continuous improvement.

7. Lead boldly and bravely

QNET’s partnership with the Marussia F1 team both brought our brand international recognition and imparted numerous learnings about success in the world’s premier motorsports competition. The most important of these lessons was to be decisive and brave. Victory and failure in F1 can be down to split-second decisions. And the best team leaders and drivers are those who opt to guide their teams fearlessly. 

Life is never predictable, and at times, it can be hard to imagine success amid the various challenges. Still, the takeaway from all the above is that dedication, a desire to improve, strong leadership and commitment to principles can be crucial to victory, be it in sports, business or life.

Here’s to acquiring even more learning in the years to come!




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