Sunday, May 28, 2023

How an inclusive strategy can bring business longevity

Business resilience used to mean tightening one’s belt when times got tough and waiting out storms and shocks to pass. 

Not anymore. These days, it’s about being adaptable to disruptions in the now, as well as preparing and planning for the future. 

It is also about placing your priority on developing an inclusive business.

Of course, direct selling has long been practising this and is one of the few industries where anyone, regardless of background or gender, can start their own business, become financially free, and achieve their dreams.

Even so, building a truly future-proof business also calls for individual entrepreneurs and business owners to adopt an inclusive approach, from fostering diversity in their networks to improving marketing communication to embrace everyone.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons why inclusiveness and acceptance offer the ticket business longevity.

Teams and networks get better

An Inclusive Business Inspires More Teamwork and Productivity

One of the most obvious benefits of opening the door to everyone when building teams is that inclusion automatically augments businesses with more skills and know-how.

Yes, one doesn’t need a fancy degree or work experience to succeed in direct selling. Nevertheless, the fact is that teams and networks with members of varied backgrounds and knowledge can bring more creative ideas to the table.

Moreover, recent studies have found that you’re also likely to see productivity increase on top of innovation being enhanced.

Output is increased

Research indicates that one in four people feel undervalued and underappreciated at their jobs. As such, it stands to reason team members who feel heard, recognised and accepted are more motivated to contribute to the business’s success.

Remember, collective belief has always been a prerequisite for success in team enterprises. So, leaders who prioritise acceptance and view everyone as allies are more likely to be reciprocated with 101% commitment.

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Note, too, that people are drawn to positive work cultures. Thus, the more a leader focuses on inclusion, the more people will want to hop on board and join the journey.

You become a better leader 

The best and most successful business owners lead by example and inspire the people around them to grow and improve. Yet what should also be noted is how leaders can ensure growth for themselves on account of the decisions they make.

In the case of choosing to be inclusive and accepting, this involves opening themselves up to different perspectives and opportunities to evolve, which, in turn, allows for the application of new ideas and more effective problem-solving. 

Inclusion, incidentally, also helps leaders become more positive in their outlook, a crucial trait when preparing and initiating development plans and empowering others.

Customer relations are improved

An Inclusive Business Improves Customer Relations

Significantly too, a diverse and inclusive outlook impacts your prospects and customers.

QNET’s products and services have, of course, always been carefully designed and developed to appeal to various demographics. As such, business owners adopting more openness allows for better and more effective marketing.

In terms of social media strategy, for example, it helps business owners be more cognisant of using inclusive and neutral language in posts, expanding online content to cater to and attract different customer segments, and promoting diverse faces and voices.

More than just about the bottom line

The evidence is clear. Inclusion, diversity and acceptance all contribute towards profitability and businesses’ long-term success. Yet it’s more than just about financial returns, especially for us direct sellers.

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Remember that QNET’s business opportunity has always been about making a difference and improving lives. Thus, choosing to be more open and inclusive and to embrace everyone not only helps businesses stay relevant but furthers QNET’s mission by providing opportunities for people to grow and prosper.


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