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Go for 6! What entrepreneurs can learn from the T20 World Cup

Can defending champs Australia retain their title at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup? Will the likes of Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Team India live up to expectations? Could Sri Lanka overturn the odds and triumph?

The answers to the above are far from clear at this stage, with the 2022 cricket world cup tournament’s end still some way away. 

Even so, what’s certain is that the presence of international cricket’s best and brightest stars at the tournament in Australia from 16 October to 13 November guarantees players, fans and even casual observers three things: excitement, surprises and inspirational moments aplenty!

And the best part is you don’t have to be a cricket enthusiast to appreciate everything. Indeed, here are a few lessons — both from the World Cup and T20 cricket in general — to inspire entrepreneurs and business owners.

Always lead from the front

No one wins alone in cricket. Yet, it can’t be denied that a team’s captain is crucial to a side’s success. 

A captain strategises, decides on players’ field positions and manages bowlers. And in the shorter, 20-over version of cricket, every single decision matters.

This is why the World Cup record books are packed with many positive results that have been down to the able leadership of captains.

Similarly, in direct selling, business owners and entrepreneurs who lead by example and manage efficiently can help ensure success for their teams and networks.

Tackle your problems head-on 

Cricket World Cup Business Lesson: Tackle Your Problems Head On

In contrast to longer forms of the game, there’s no time in T20 cricket for teams to wallow following a bad over or innings. Rather, players must always be ready to face up to issues and react promptly.

Take Australia’s experience at the semi-finals of the 2010 World Cup, for example.

With Pakistan rampant and bossing things, an Aussie defeat seemed, to all and sundry, the surest outcome. Yet, the latter’s batsmen chose to not dwell on mistakes that had been made. Instead, they assessed the situation, focussed, and turned the game on its head!

Yes, playing through problems may not always result in success. Nevertheless, what’s certain is that getting back up and courageously facing issues helps entrepreneurs and their businesses grow.

Adaptability wins the race

In the early years, when T20 was just gaining popularity, certain well-established sides and players viewed it with a measure of disdain and believed that the game could be approached and played in the same way as longer forms of cricket.

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They were wrong.

Indeed, what’s been plainly obvious since the first World Cup in 2007 is that rigidity reaps no rewards. Instead, to succeed, one needs to be agile and adaptable.

In entrepreneurship, this translates to being open to change and evolving and transforming in the face of different situations and even disruptions. This is a lesson you will see in almost every QNET superstar’s success story!

Remember, talent is awesome! But true victory comes to those who make the effort and changes needed to go the distance.

Impossible is a state of mind

There have been many David vs Goliath encounters in cricket. But the Netherlands overcoming mighty England at the 2009 World Cup must rank as one of the greatest of all time.

Favourites from the outset with stars in every department, England was expected to breeze to victory against the lowly-ranked Dutch. 

Yet the latter was far from intimidated by the former’s trophy cabinet. So instead of rolling over, the challengers took the fight to their more illustrious opponents, with every player giving their all.

How did the Netherlands achieve the seemingly impossible? It’s simple, really. They did what all successful teams do: they started with belief, then concentrated on their assets, and finally, focussed on their purpose and why the victory mattered.

Striking similarities

Cricket World Cup and Business Have Striking Similarities

The parallels between sports and entrepreneurship have always been clear to us at QNET. This is why we’ve partnered with many leading names in sports over the years and why we especially can’t wait to see what this year’s T20 World Cup will end up teaching us.


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