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QNET Offers a Business Opportunity, Not a Job

From being able to derive a comfortable income to having more time for friends, family and oneself, direct selling can be an advantageous career choice for many.

Even so, and although the industry is thriving, has benefited millions worldwide and trumps regular 9-5 jobs many times over, what must be established is that QNET’s direct selling opportunity isn’t, in fact, a job.

Instead, QNET is a business opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded individuals to start and manage their businesses.

This distinction is crucial. And it is essential to understand the differences between direct selling and traditional occupations.

Direct selling differs from a regular job

In a nutshell, standard corporate jobs are rigid.

You wake up, get to work, put in the required hours, if not more, get home, and then wait to collect a salary cheque at the end of the month. One also typically requires paper qualifications and/or experience to secure employment, only to find someone higher up calling the shots.

This is not the case with direct selling. Direct selling is focused on flexibility and freedom and does not discriminate based on one’s gender, age, education, or socio-economic background.

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In direct selling, anyone can be their own boss and, in so doing, decide when, where and how he or she works. It also means that individual workers, as entrepreneurs, reap the fruits of their labour.

True, it can’t be denied that traditional jobs have helped many pay the bills and put food on the table. Nevertheless, one of the biggest drawbacks of conventional work is that everything — from decision-making to remuneration — is approached in a top-down manner. As such, it’s common to find those higher up in the corporation making more money.

This is starkly different from direct selling, where there are neither serfs nor overlords, and everyone has the same earning capacity.

Individuals get to build their own direct selling businesses

Direct selling, essentially, involves the marketing and selling of products and services directly to consumers by independent distributors in non-traditional retail environments.

This means that no shops or storefronts are required. All that’s needed for one to begin his or her journey as an entrepreneur with QNET is to purchase products or services and, subsequently, to recommend and sell those to customers. There is no need for capital outlay, overhead payments or inventory investments.

From there, the opportunity for growth exists in building one’s own team to expand operations.

You decide if, when and how to scale

QNET entrepreneurs are affiliated with but independent of the company. They are not employees but rather contractors who distribute products and services on behalf of QNET.

This means that QNET business owners, or Independent Representatives (IRs) as the company refers to them, are in charge of how they sell and market products and can choose to scale operations by building sales teams around them.

QNET has a comprehensive product line featuring handcrafted Swiss-made watches, exquisite jewellery, quality home and living products, personal care items, and even educational programmes and nutritional supplements. How much money is generated from sales of these is entirely dependent on the individual capabilities and their teams.

It’s important to point out, too, that while many IRs have notched impressive triumphs over QNET’s 20-plus years in business, no two entrepreneurs are alike, and there is no guarantee of results without hard work.

It will take time and patience to succeed

Furthermore, QNET’s direct selling business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, QNET IRs are constantly reminded that the path to success is long and winding and requires one to be focused and committed, work smart, and, most of all, be patient.

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Additionally, it’s vital to remember that the entrepreneur’s life is not for everyone.

People have different motivations for taking the plunge to become business owners. So, while some may view direct selling as a side hustle and others as a full-time profession, there are some still who will opt out, finding that direct selling is not for them. And that’s okay.

In fact, unlike a regular job, IRs are free to stay or end their association with QNET at any time. This business is about you. QNET simply facilitates your journey towards financial success.

Working hard ensures a sustainable income

The only way to make money in direct selling is by retailing products and services. This is distinct from illegal pyramid schemes, which generate cash via fraudulent means and typically don’t involve products or services.

At QNET, all products and services have values attached to them, and an IR’s commissions or earnings are calculated based on those.

Generally, entrepreneurs draw commissions from sales as well as repeat orders and personal purchases. However, there are also bonuses and incentives available upon hitting certain milestones.

With QNET, all terms are transparent and detailed. And what must be pointed out is that there’s absolutely no opportunity to earn a passive income from recruiting and referring persons to QNET or investing an amount of cash in the company.

QNET is not an investment scheme or any other sort of scheme. To ensure a sustainable income, one must be active, dedicated, determined, ethical and, yes, make sales. It is that straightforward.

You are empowered to succeed

Of course, being a business owner can be challenging. However, this is where QNET comes in.

For a start, QNET’s business plan has a proven track record and is designed to be transferable. As such, becoming an IR automatically puts one on the right path. True, there is no need to stick to the approaches of one’s mentors or successful business owners. Nevertheless, it puts one in good stead to know that the path they are taking has been trodden before.

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Additionally, there is the assurance that one is never alone on this journey.

In many cases, entrepreneurship can be a lonely endeavour in that some business owners have no choice but to weather storms solo and lean on only themselves. In direct selling, and especially at QNET, however, Independent Representatives belong to a large community where they receive professional mentoring and support.

QNET is so focused on helping entrepreneurs reach their potential, personally and professionally, that it established #QNETPRO, a programme which features training courses, seminars and educational material.

It’s more than just about profits

All the above aside, one other thing that truly separates QNET’s business opportunity from a regular job, and even from other direct selling companies, is the company’s focus on social good.

Most businesses are driven by the need to generate profits. However, QNET has, over the course of its two decades, been committed to making a difference to the planet and its people via environmental, sustainable and social impact initiatives.

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From replanting forests to ensuring the supply of clean water and empowering underprivileged children and youth, the company has concentrated much effort on making the world a better place. By becoming a QNET entrepreneur, one straightaway taps into that mission and contributes to making the world a better place.

It’s in your hands

At the end of the day, there are many reasons one decides to become a business owner. But it’s important to realise from the outset that running a business is not a job in the traditional sense.

For many, entrepreneurship is a calling. And should you choose to take that leap, QNET can facilitate your journey. Yet it is you, the individual entrepreneur, who must take the steps towards success.

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