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Finding Balance: Holistic Tips for Succeeding in Business and Life


Don’t work too hard. Take a break. Take it easy. Relax.

Every entrepreneur has received advice like the above from well-meaning friends and family members, and the fact is, most of us readily acknowledge that work-life balance is essential to health and happiness.

Alas, what many business owners and loved ones fail to realise is that finding balance is more than just working fewer hours or delegating tasks to team members. Rather, it’s about achieving equilibrium by taking conscious, positive steps towards inner harmony.

Here are five ways to do just that:

Remember your purpose

While generally flexible, being your own boss can sometimes mean having to work longer hours and deal with more things than you would in a 9-5 job. And apart from being a source of stress, this can demotivate you and reduce productivity.

But do you remember why you decided to become an entrepreneur? Do you recall your early goals? Your plan? Your vision? Experts say that remembering why you do what you do, especially on tough days, can help entrepreneurs stay calm and focused. 

So pen down those goals and the targets you had at the beginning, and remember to look over them constantly.

Let it shine

Every living thing has an inner light. Yet many of us neglect it, and thus, open the door to a host of physical, and especially, mental and spiritual ailments.

Thankfully, however, harmonising the body’s biophotons and ensuring optimal balance is easily achieved.

One way to do this is to dedicate time each day to meditate, practise mindfulness and take stock of our surroundings. 

But what could also help is the Amezcua Bio Light 3; a non-intrusive form of biophotonic therapy that promotes holistic healing. Used in tandem with the Amezcua Bio Disc 3, the scientifically-designed ground-breaking device seeks to address physical conditions via light while improving spiritual and mental health.

Strong values maketh the entrepreneur

A big part of QNET’s success is always staying true to our values, and that’s exactly what individual entrepreneurs are called to keep in focus.

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Yes, it’s possible to make money — a lot of it, even! — by cutting corners, straying from the principled path and being unethical. Nevertheless, always remember that direct selling is, above all, about empowering people. And studies confirm that prioritising doing right by people makes us feel happier and more fulfilled.

Best of all, it’s been found that a leader’s commitment to morals and values makes their teams happier too!

Learn to let go 

There’s no doubt that entrepreneurs are the heart of their enterprises. Nevertheless, success, especially in direct selling, is never down to just one person but a group working together towards a common goal.

As such, it’s vital to stop micromanaging and learn to trust your team and downlines.

Your leadership and vision are always going to be vital for continued growth. But the fulfilment that comes with success also means learning how to step back and empower others to find their voice. Remember, if you’re a leader today, it’s because someone else trusted you to deliver.

Accept the hard times, and move on

Getting back up after disappointments isn’t easy. In fact, on top of dwelling on setbacks, we may sometimes even refuse to acknowledge failure. 

The reality, however, is that bad times are part and parcel of life and business. And it’s necessary to recognise that every hiccup and hindrance is an opportunity to learn and grow

This doesn’t mean we should always expect to fail. However, it’s important to recognise that some things are beyond our control, and mistakes happen. So even as you take the time to reflect on the disappointments, resolve to adopt a positive outlook and move on.

Entrepreneurs, more than most, recognise that life is far from easy. Yet it’s entirely possible to be successful, happy and healthy; if we get our focus and balance right.




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